Costume Video Links

Thperson holding iPhoneanks to technology, we can enjoy seeing a freshly-constructed professional tutu “live” on video. It is truly eye candy to see the beautiful shimmer of the embellishments as they catch the light.

It’s a lovely pre-performance glimpse into the lives of dance students and costume makers when the garment is complete and aesthetically perfect.

Live performance videos are even more thrilling. Here, the double talents of the designer and dancer come together to create a stunning artistic impact.

Youth America Grand Prix Y.A.G.P. Competition

The following links will take you to their Facebook video pages:

Aurora Variation Professional Tutu

Doris-Royal Ballet School Associate

Ballet Solo Bacarolle Tales of Hoffman

Lilac Fairy  Variation

YAGP 2020 Harlequinade Ballet Solo

Esmeralda Ballet Tutu

Pretty peach Classical tutu with gold embellishments

Delicate, regal tutu with brilliant decorating details

Orange And Gold Airbrushed Competition Tutu

Image Credit:, person-holding-an-iphone-5s-1744790/, Free to use