5 Professional Bluebird Variation Tutus For The Sleeping Beauty Ballet

A Headdress Fit For A Princess

Whenever you visit the website of Costume Creations U.K., it brings home the reality of just how many roles and Mountain_Bluebirdcharacters a costume designer takes care of in the course of a season. Orders are placed for many different types of costumes; character costumes, competition costumes, and specific variation garments for ballet.

One of the most variation-rich Classical ballet stories is that of The Sleeping Beauty.

Blue Pointe Shoe MiniaturesThis enchanting ballet is full of gorgeous costume possibilities. In a previous post, we enjoyed the captivating Princess Florina Bluebird Tutu in a delicate shade of pale blue.  Since that time, many more requests for tutu designs in various shades of blue have been requested and completed. Below are just a few from the collection:

An Opulent Tutu With High-Standards Of Construction

Blue Classical Tutu Costume Creations U.K.When I first saw this tutu, I was struck by the perfect symmetry of the decorative beading on the bodice. The swirl patterns seem to dance all by themselves. Not only is this shade of blue soft and enchanting, when given some magic sparkle, it immediately becomes elevated to a higher standard. It makes a lovely choice for a Princess variation costume.

The simulated Sapphires are perfect for creating the opulence of Royalty-inspired dance roles.


* The tutu platter features gorgeous swirls of crystal-enhanced embellishments. * The bodice neckline has been painstakingly decorated as though Princess Florina herself were coming to admire their sparkle. * The combination of blue shades throughout the garment is perfectly balanced and coordinated.

If I were a young dancer, this is one costume that I would want to stash away and save forever.


Ballet Photography That Inspires Performing Arts Fans

Blue Classical Tutu Costume Creations U.K.2Have you ever heard the term pretty as a picture? The costume, the dancer, and the photo is just that. There are so many beautiful elements in this photo to admire. The crisp angle of the tutu skirt as related to the bodice is outstanding.

What I love about this photo is the positive energy and vibrancy that emanates from it. The dancer’s pose creates a perfect subject for a ballet poster or book cover. The embellishments on the tutu platter and bodice are enchanting.


* A beautifully proportioned tutu attachment creates perfect symmetry of design. * Tasteful stage makeup application enhances the natural beauty of this pretty dancer. * This shade of blue has an electric quality that creates excitement and foreshadows a thrilling performance.


How wonderful it is when a dancer finds a designer that can enhance their stage presence in many captivating ways. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being privvy to the tutu-maker and dancer relationship is being able to soak in the excitement and energy of the pre-show requisites.


Pure Elegance For High-Level Professional Performance

ROYAL BLUE AND GOLD TUTU DESIGNED AND MADE BY Monica NewellThe bodice neckline has been painstakingly decorated as though Princess Florina herself were coming to admire their sparkle.

One of the greatest talents of a costume designer like Monica Newell are those elegant finishing touches on top of her garments. They combine theatrical excitement and elegant restraint all wrapped up into one lovely garment.

* The artistic curvature of gilded lace is like shimmering notes of music playing a symphony across the night sky. * At whatever age, the dancer who wears this design is going to look spectacular. * Coming out on stage wearing a hothouse-blue tutu is guaranteed to thrill the audience.

 Rich Gemstone Shades For Opulent Stage Presence

Blue Classical Tutu Costume Creations U.K.3The bodice neckline has been painstakingly decorated to create an opulent focal point around the dancer’s face and torso. A young Ballerina in well-designed dance couture can launch a thousand dreams. I have often thought how proud and exhilarated parents and associates of these young dancers must feel seeing them looking so beautiful.

Her graceful carriage and heartfelt smile can take a retired dancer back to the glory days of her youth. Sharing the journey with them is both a joy and a learning experience.

One of the most enjoyable things about the entire Tutu-Love experience is feeling that you are privy to the aspirations of these young talented dancers. Because of these aspirations, they get to experience the talented costume mastery of Monica Newell.

* The Dancer’s beautiful smile speaks volumes about her fitting and photography experience. * The varying angles and sizes of the gold appliques along the top of platter create a unique mosaic of design.
* This dance photo is inspiring for both young hopefuls and seasoned dancers.

Artistic Airbrushing Creates Tutus Of Intense Beauty

Blue Classical Tutu Costume Creations U.K.4Nowhere is the beauty of airbrushed tutu design lovelier than those that are found in the photo galleries here on Tutu-Love, on Costume Creations U.K., and on the Facebook site of Ballet Tutus by Monica Newell.

Three Kings Artisan Soap

Airbrushed tutus are like those exquisitely-fine triple-milled soaps you find in exclusive boutiques. They are steps above the ordinary. Their creation process is more detailed. The finished product is fancier, richer, and more exclusive.

Another remarkable quality about the tutu featured here is its stunning off-stage beauty. There are no lights, bells, or whistles needed to see how gorgeous it is. It is truly awe-inspiring to think how many steps it takes to create such a lovely costume from start to finish.

* The symmetry and shape of processional tutu making is showcased beautifully in this photo. * Placing golden embellishments over a dark blue backdrop makes them sparkle even more. * The shape and structure of the bodice  fits her like a glove.

All of the lovely Bluebird-variation-appropriate Classical tutus featured on this page are unique and special in their own way. In nature, Bluebirds come in varying hues and saturation of color. They are fascinating to see in person. When it comes to the artistic enhancement of stage garments, Monica Newell’s Ballet costumes are even more so.

The Enchanting Bluebird Pas De Deux


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