Fairy of the Crystal Fountain Variation Tutu-The Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Here we have a beautiful reminder of why this site was appropriately named Tutu-Love.

This  photograph of a beautiful young dancer in her custom-made Classical Tutu is the reason.

The combination of exquisite costume design, dancer aesthetics, and imaginative photography just enhances your love for that frilly garment known as the tutu. Beautifully costumed and perfectly balanced on pointe, the dancer is a vision of pure photogenic loveliness.

 Tutu Construction Of Absolute Perfection

One of the most admirable, unbeatable talents of a Master Costume Designer like Monica Newell is the perfection of her tutu skirt layering technique. It can be awe- inspiring to remind ourselves that these gorgeous garments are 100% couture and made to order.

The most  impressive detail of the tutu skirt is the crisp, exact angle of the layers. The bodice is fitted to her torso perfectly.

Gorgeous embellishments.  If you are an older or retired dancer, or simply a ballet costume aficionado, the embellishment mastery of Monica Newell and her Costume Creations will make you wish to be young again. The crystals, gems, and appliques add pure luxury and elegance.

Learn more about the sparkling world of tutu embellishments.

The Classical Arts Are Filled With Hope And Promise

In this day and age of negative and often frightening news, the uplifting beauty of the ballet gives us hope for a better tomorrow. Seeing young people working hard to achieve their dreams reminds all of us to stay positive about the future. We are reminded that true talent can never be crushed or diminished even in the most challenging situations. Somehow, someway, the show must and will go on.



Beyond The Average Dance Photo

The outdoor photography is absolutely stunning. Unlike the more often-used indoor photo, posing a dancer outdoors in a stage costume with a natural backdrop is a belle idée as they say in French. What is so lovely from this vantage point is the ability to see the angle of the layers on the tutu skirt. Tres magnifique, non?

Dance photos are a beautiful collaboration between artists; costume designers, photographers, and their lovely subject, the dancer. Years from now, this photo will bring back heartfelt memories for her and her associates.

The Fairy Of The Crystal Fountain Enchants

Although this variation is short compared to others, it is nonetheless enchanting and magical.  This Fairy is one of eleven that performs in The Sleeping Beauty Ballet. The variation is both whimsical and technically challenging. Watching videos like this and enjoying the artistry of Monica Newel’s dance couture garments one can refocus on what is still beautiful in the world.

“Few humans see fairies or hear their music, but many find fairy rings of dark grass, scattered with toadstools, left by their dancing feet.”
Judy Allen, Fantasy Encyclopedia


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