Costume Creations U.K. Stays On Its Toes During Classical Tutu Rush Hour

Classical Tutu Design by Costume like many other businesses, tutu making professionals have a natural ebb and flow of orders throughout the year.

Although a well-known company will stay busy all year long, there are certain seasons where demands for custom ballet garments can keep a tutu maker on her toes.

What times of the year do you think brings dancers in droves for costumes? Winter and rehearsals for The Nutcracker Ballet? Global Competitions? Summer intensives?

Companies that are well-regarded in professional design circles like Costume Creations U.K. have both a local demand as well as an international one. Being based in one of the most artistically rich areas of the world brings its own need for tutu making talent.

Now that costumes can be professionally designed, fitted, and shipped for dancers all over the world, busy season can also follow trends outside the London area. When it comes to Costume Creations U.K. and its talented founder, Monica Newell, the following times of the year are some of the busiest:

 1. YAGP Semi Finals To Finals

October To March

Medora from Le Corsaire, Tutu Monica Newell
YAGP PARIS 2020 Finalist Amy Jones-Medora Variation

The Youth America Grand Prix is a busy time because the semi finals take place over a long period of time. October to March can be a very intense season for both dancers and parents.

Although clients have several ways to contact Monica at Costume Creations, many use the form on this site. 

Costume inquiries pour in during August, September, and October. Sadly, a few miss out on receiving the costume of their dreams due to waiting too long to order. Custom tutus for high-level competitions can take many weeks to construct. Placing orders as early as possible is the key for a smooth, positive experience.

♥ What To Love About This YAGP Tutu ♥ –  The entire photograph is a vision of pure grace. The aesthetics are perfect.

Seasonal Logistics And Supply Challenges

Did you know there was yet another challenge during the busy I-Need-A-Tutu season? Many of us can be quite in the dark about the inner workings of the costume business ; especially as it relates to the chain of supplies a tutu maker needs during the holiday season.

  ” This time of year is difficult because suppliers close down for 2 weeks and you have to make sure you have all fabrics, crystals, bonings, hoopings, e.t.c., because all these things are impossible to get from local haberdashery shops. Posting is a real concern;  especially abroad because you don’t want a tutu squashed in a box and left in a warehouse for days. ” – Monica Newell


2.  All England Dance Competition

September To July

All England Dance Tutu Costume Creations UK
ALL ENGLAND DANCE Finalist Millie Tones

The All England Dance Competition is another venue that has a long season with the main competition held every other year. However, the dancers that hope to place well in All England have to spend the previous year making it through several challenging levels of heats : Qualifying, Regional, and Finals.

They also seek out the most aesthetically-perfect custom tutu to have maximum impact on the judges.  All England Dance time means an influx of inquiries.  Just like the time frame of the YAGP, many of the costuming needs happen during the qualifying heats in Autumn, the Regionals in the Spring, and the Finals in July.

 All of these trials and competitions are beautiful proof of a dancer’s commitment to a ballet career. There are challenges for both dancer and costume maker; especially during the weeks as noted above for the Youth America Grand Prix.

♥ What To Love About This All England Dance Tutu ♥ – The pink shade of the tutu enhanced with elegant silver embellishments flatters the delicate beauty of the dancer.


3. The British Ballet Grand Prix

March To May

Finalist British Grand Prix 2019 - La Bayadere Tutu
BRITISH GRAND PRIX 2019 Finalist Keera- La Bayadere

One of the most wonderful things about The British Ballet Grand Prix is the respect and celebration of young dancers as professional-level competitors.

Ballet students as young as nine who show exceptional promise have the opportunity to dance their hearts out  and receive the recognition they deserve.

It isn’t easy, but it is exciting. It becomes all the more real during the final fittings, full costume rehearsals and professional photo shoots.

♥ What To Love About This British Ballet Grand Prix Tutu ♥ – As beautifully designed from the back, sides, and bottom as the front, this Classical couture tutu is simply regal.

Coming to the end of these busy time examples, it strikes you how melded the lives of a ballet dancer and her tutu designer can become. Meeting a truly gifted theatrical garment designer is a life-changing experience for a dancer. Helping a dancer meet the standards of aesthetics and role portrayal is a satisfying experience for the designer. Both work very hard to reach a common goal; a captivating stage performance.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford


Image Credits:

  2. YAGP Paris 2020 Finalist Amy Jones, © Custom Medora Le Corsaire Tutu by Monica Newell, Tiara Lilli Ballet Crowns, Photo VAM Productions