Which Part Of A Classical Tutu Is The Most Expensive?

From top to bottom, a Classical tutu is a beautiful garment to look at, isn’t it? Even though many ballet fans and theater customers have been admiring them for years, many might not know that each individual part of a tutu has different levels of price points.  Tutus are not unlike large neighborhoods where some homes are in the “fancy” section of town and cost more to purchase. ( Of course, everything looks fancy when Monica does her costuming magic ) .

The Most Expensive Section Of A Classical Tutu

© Gamzatti Variation Tutu-Costumecreations.co.ukWe have taken apart a Classical tutu. Now we want to put it back together but have to pay for each piece separately. Which piece would cost the most money? The trims and crystals we removed? The fabric of the bodice? The notions like thread and hooks? The netting?

The easiest way to find out is to ask Monica and here is what she said:

” I would say the decorations are the most expensive part. Some of those appliques I use cost a lot of money. And then I put expensive crystals on them too. “

 Rich And Royal-Looking Details Are Part Of Classical Ballet Tradition

When it comes to the prettiest part of a tutu, you will probably get a lot of different opinions. One of the most thrilling parts of a ballet production is the grand entrance because we await with baited breath the dancer and the costume.  It looks so rich and regal at the ballet. The stage lights shine down and reflect back anything that sparkles or glows.

This was exceptionally true in the days of performing before the Royal Courts. Dancers were dressed in the finest of fabrics as befitting the pleasure of the King and Queen. The finest lace. The finest of fabrics and dyes were used. Specially-commissioned seamstresses and wardrobe guardians were on hand to clean and repair those expensive garments.

Any Place On The Tutu That Looks Touched With Silver, Gold, Gemstones, or Diamonds Is The Most Expensive Part

The top-most layer of the tutu skirt is called a platter. This is the section that makes us starry-eyed with admiration when it is beautifully decorated with crystals and trims. The platter can be one of the most gorgeous parts of the tutu and one that really showcases the skill of the designer. This live Facebook video of a Costumecreations.co.uk tutu is ablaze with luxurious couture elements. Gorgeous!

An Offering Of Art And Beauty To The World

It makes you contemplate the duality of the ballet world; both for the dancer and the costume maker. One half of the journey is difficult, consuming, and challenging. The other half is satisfying, rewarding, and exciting.

Speaking of journeys for a tutu maker, the road may be longer than we can imagine. Many experts in theatrical garment making go on to consult and teach the next generation of hopefuls. If they didn’t, who would take over? This type of artistry cannot be mass produced anywhere. Truthfully, it may not be something that can be 100% transferred from teacher to student. I think high-caliber couture designers are born with it. What do you think?

 Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. “    

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