La Esmeralda Professional Variation Tutu

La Esmeralda Variation Tutu
♦ The variation costumes for the role of Esmeralda are usually created in deep shades like forest green, crimson, or black and red.
♦ The tambourine accessory is both a dancing tool and an culture-friendly aesthetic that fits into the story line.
♦ The headpiece can be slim and non-obtrusive, or constructed to add some Gypsy flavour to the appearance of the dancer.


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* The dance costume shown here is representative. Your garment will be expertly designed for your needs.

The Enchanting Esmeralda Variation

La Esmeralda Professional Ballet TutuWhen it comes  to professional competitions, the variation of Esmeralda is definitely one of the most challenging. The dancer has to connect with Gypsy-like flair and energy and bring a certain sauciness to the role.

With the unique twists and kicks in this variation, it is hard to hide less than a perfect turn out or a lack of stamina.

The exaggerated movements in this variation call for a well-fitted, comfortable costume that allows for easy range of motion.