Medora Le Corsaire Ballet Costume

Le Corsaire Ballet-Medora  Variation
♦ The variation costumes for the role of Medora are typically found in rich  jewel tones of blue or green, but can be made in many shades .
♦ Depending on the act, the tutu may be designed  separated at the midriff.
♦ The headpiece design for the Medora role can include an  intricate pattern of jewels across the forehead.


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* Dance costume shown here is representative. Your garment will be expertly designed for your needs.

The ballet story of Le Corsaire is a wonderland of variations; not only as far as the choreography goes, but in the wide array of costumes used in the performance.

The most beautiful aspect of the Le Corsaire story is the range of tutu colours that theaters use for the Medora role. This allows for creative freedom; what dance is all about.