Coppelia Costume-Doll Variation

 Coppelia Doll Variation Costume
♦ The variation costume for the Doll role can be created in Classical tutu style, or as a long dance dress that features a peasant-style bodice.
♦ The Coppelia Doll typically dances in a garment that has ruffles or frills added to the basic garment for an innocent, childlike appearance.
♦Theatrical makeup and the placement of hair bows, floral headpieces, or a whimsical crown complete the doll look.


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* The dance costume shown here is representative. Your garment will be expertly designed for your needs.

The mechanical movements in Coppelia’s Doll Variation make it one of a girl’s dream come true; that a beloved plastic companion can be brought to life, even for just a few precious moments.