Ballet Of Flowers-Naturally Beautiful Professional Tutus

Airbrushed Tutu Designed by Monica Newell
© Design Copyright Monica Newell

Don’t you love ballet stories created with the intricacies  of nature as their central theme? Nothing can be more inspirational when it comes to creative ideas for music, movement and costumes. Seasonal changes have inspired many a poet, song writer, composer and choreographer to create melodies and theatrical story lines to love and enjoy.

It’s beautiful to imagine tutu designs for every lovely thing that grows and blooms in gardens, woodlands and meadows; real or imaginary. Shimmering with exquisite embellishments, an expertly decorated costume can make you catch your breath as though witnessing a magnificent sunrise.

This young ballerina in her classical ensemble is incredibly lovely. The subtle shading and silvery accents of the tutu give her a delicate, yet elegant aesthetic. Her poised and graceful appearance is admirable. Her feet are so  exquisitely placed.

This pretty tutu is enough to make one imagine a field of dew-kissed Buttercups and clouds with silver linings.

Speaking of nature-inspired ballet stories, two that are very well-known are  A Midsummer Nights Dream and The Four Seasons. For The Four Seasons ballet,   Vivaldi, an Italian composer and violinist, created beautiful concertos celebrating Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  Vivaldi created these musical masterpieces in 1725 when he was 47 years old. His music lives on and on.  Below is his interpretation of Spring :


It sounds like a celebration, doesn’t it? Something glorious is taking placeThe snow has melted and the crocuses are budding.  The birds are happily chirping. The Queen and her court promenade along the woodland trails admiring the fresh, new blooms.

Spring and early summer is very much like that; a time of renewal and growth. Not only does nature inspire dance choreography and music, young ballet students and the activity of cultivating seeds inspire interesting comparisons.  We can picture young ballet students like  seedlings of sorts:

They Need Fertile Ground To Get A Good Head Start

copyright monica newell Silver Medallist Coalville Festival - Student of The Hannah Alexandra Academy of Dance and Performance

No matter what type of seed you want to plant, it must go into the proper soil for its type or it will never grow properly. It may not survive at all.  A ballet student needs the same fertile ground or environment to grow professionally as a dancer.

If you try to plant a tomato seed in sand, it won’t grow or get the proper nutrients it needs to become a healthy, strong tomato vine. If you want to become a professional ballet dancer, you have to plant yourself in the best environment for your career growth.

That means being very selective about your training grounds, the knowledge and expertise of instructors, the reputation of the academy, and the quality of your garments and shoes.

My, how this dancer has bloomed into a vision of ballet perfection. It’s as if she was born wearing this tutu. The fit is magnificent; the design divine.


 They Push Through Obstacles With Determination

copyright monica newell SILVER MEDALLIST ART OF DANCE FESTIVAL - aqua green gold tutu custom made

There is a powerful natural force inside a seed that makes it push upwards towards the light. The same force, or will to become a ballerina, can create tremendous courage to push through all the challenges of training.

I can think of so many obstacles that students have to deal with when seriously seeking out a dance career. However, these delicate-looking ballet students seem to have a built-in inner strength that keeps them pushing forward towards their goals.

These admirable young dancers find self-satisfaction striving for very difficult achievements. I think one of the hardest challenges about the ballet world is that there is no true relief from the disciplined lifestyle.

Whether standing, bending, jumping or spinning, a dancer is always aware of body placement. Like they say, a dancer eats, lives and breathes ballet.

It’s worth it if you end  up  getting to wear a tutu as gorgeous as this  magical blue beauty here.


Nature Has It’s Own  Little Dance Routine

 There is a genuine connection between the growth process of a dance student and the activity of a budding seed.


They Bloom In Their Own Proper Time  designed by monica newell image copyright david sharples

Humans are just like seeds. Some of us will grow tall, some not so tall. Some of us will sprout up with super-flexible joints, graceful arms, and curved arches with strong ankles. Some of us will be ready to go on pointe years before someone else.

The most admirable trait of the dance student is how they remind us of human potential. It’s exciting to watch them go from toddler-sized leotards and tiny soft slippers to professional tutus and pointe shoes.

It’s even more thrilling  to see them advance from local dance competitions to international ones like the YAGP or the Prix de Lausanne.

Soon, summer will be over and harvest time will be approaching. Ballet summer intensives will give way to fall classes. Rehearsals for winter-themed ballet stories like The Nutcracker are just around the corner. It’s nice to know that no matter the time of year, there is always a reason to dance; especially wearing the finest of costumes.



” “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
― Anaïs Nin





Music Credits-Title: 01 – Vivaldi Spring mvt 1 Allegro – John Harrison violin.ogg, recorded on 6 February 2000, are by the Wichita State University Chamber Players, an ensemble of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra







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