Tutus Frozen In Time-Still Life Choreography For Ballet

© Classical Tutu Monica Newell Couture
© Image Copyright Philter Photography

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a dancer during a professional photo shoot? I have often wondered if the calm and serene faces of these young performers belies the fact that they are nervous or jittery about taking a good photo.

After all, a picture immortalizes you forever. The camera doesn’t lie. Not only is your costume on full display, but your aesthetics and “aura” are too. However, the dancer is not alone. During a photo shoot, a lot of professional support comes together to make it all happen.

  • The instructor who teaches the dancer perfect technique.
  • The tutu designer that creates the garment.
  • The skilled photographer who knows just how to capture those inspiring images.

The subtle play of shadow and light in the background combined with the delicate pose of the hands and soft tutu colors give this photo an ethereal quality that is hauntingly lovely.

Choreography Goes Beyond Movement And Music

CameraAlthough choreography is creating movement to music, capturing a dancer in a certain repose is very much like silent choreography. The photographer strives to communicate the essence of something, a mood, or a special feeling from the image. Professional portraits are choreographed, or planned events. Behind the lens is much more than a button pusher.

As a matter of fact, a dance photographer has to be a few things: a backdrop specialist, a lighting expert, an equipment operator and a nervous-client-calmer-downer. A good photographer knows how to put his or her subject at ease.

Professional Ballet Training, Scrutiny Is Your Middle Name

Theater BinocularsFrom the very first minute of your very first ballet class, your every move will be critiqued, compared, judged, examined and scrutinized.  A ballerina in training has nowhere to hide. Eyes will be everywhere. You will be looked over by instructors and judges. You will be touched and measured by shoe fitters and costume makers. Parents, audience members and school officials will be taking photos of you on a regular basis. You will be in the limelight.

A Dance Portfolio Is A Beautiful Time Machine

© Classical Tutu by Monica NewellWouldn’t it be lovely to go back in time and see how much you have grown as a dancer? If you begin ballet training at a young age, all those photos become like a step-ladder of your progress.

A dance portfolio can be a lot of fun and inspiration to look through. You can see how far you have come with your technique, strength, aesthetics and confidence level.

From toddler ballet slippers and little kid’s costumes to professional pointe shoes and tutus, pictures are priceless keepsakes of the dance journey.

The purple splendour of this tutu and matching armlets is incredibly beautiful. I get so much positive energy from this photo. The blended rainbow background and the radiant glow of the dancer pops with excitement and energy!

So, to answer the question about photo shoot jitters, I can feel safe saying that if a dancer is nervous about getting a picture taken, they hide it with as much grace as they do stage fright.

The forgotten truth about ballet dancers is that they are true actresses and actors. They may not speak, but everything else they do is a deliberate part of stage presentation. That includes acting “as if” they are calm, cool and collected  even when they are nervous and under pressure.


“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” — Paul Caponigro



Image Credits:

Aqua & white Classical tutu by Philter Photography @  http://www.philterphotography.co.uk/ or visit Philter Photography on Facebook.*** Camera, Pexels.com, CCO Public Domain Free*****Theater Binoculars, Pixabay.com, CC0 Public Domain Free


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