Do I Need To Wear A Bra Under My Tutu?

© Classical tutu designed by Monica NewellThe Undergarments Worn By Ballet Dancers

In one of my earlier posts, I responded to a large number of visitors coming to Tutu-Love with the question, ” Do  ballerinas wear underwear beneath their costumes?” Recently, another question focusing on the topic of ballet costumes and bras has surfaced. People really do wonder what a dancer wears underneath it all. Because classical ballet training involves very form-fitting garments, it’s normal to be curious about this topic.

When we see a ballerina on stage in a tutu and take notice of the slim straps of the costume, some of us question whether she has any other support going on underneath. Aren’t we humans an inquisitive bunch?

Inquiring Minds Want To Know: Do I Need To Wear A Bra Under My Tutu?

© Classical tutu designed by Monica NewellAfter posting the question to the tutu designer herself, here are the basic facts about the bra area and bodice design:

  • At Costume Creations, tutus are constructed with a higher cut at the front and sides to provide ample coverage for larger bust measurements.
  • The top of the bust line is given a drawstring that can be pulled and tightened for a secure fit.
  • Bodice fittings avoid low cuts for modesty and coverage.
  • For support, the front bust line seams are supported with specialist spiral steam boning.
  • Tutus are not sheer or see-thru. If made properly, they provide excellent support from the inside out.

What Is Spiral Steel Boning?

Boning itself is a material used to add shape and structure to fabric. It is usually made of rigid, thin plastic strips that are inserted into tunnel-like seams placed within a garment. Spiral boning is  a special type of boning that can twist and flex, yet bounce back into shape. It allows freedom of movement for the dancer, yet provides a beautiful shape to the bodice.

Professional Classical Tutus Are Made To Be Worn Without A Bra

© Classical tutu designed by Monica NewellA dancer does not need to wear a bra under a tutu. Competition judges can and do deduct for unsightly straps that may pop out during a performance. In the ballet world, undergarments are as unobtrusive and hidden as possible. Wearing a bra under a tutu during a performance is just as bad as wearing pointe shoes that don’t fit.

The fear, discomfort and worry will distract the dancer and rob her of the joy of freedom of movement. A professional tutu should give the dancer peace of mind, not added stress and concern.

Professional couture methods for classical tutus should guarantee that no dancer has to experience a tutu skirt that bunches, droopy fit, poor coverage, or anything else that distracts them from dancing with confidence.


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