How To Pack A Classical Tutu For Shipping Overseas

Fedex Express
Precious cargo on board; your beautiful tutu.

With tutu makers in short supply, or should I say, those of excellence far and few between, dance students may find it difficult to locate a costume source in their immediate area. Experienced design companies like Costume Creations not only handle orders from local dancers, but manage to send custom orders throughout Europe and overseas to The United States.

Tutus shipped to The United States, France, Europe and Russia travel by Fedex Air.

Parcelforce on standby

Garments that are shipped throughout England travel by Royal Mail. For areas outside England like Wales, Ireland and Scotland, tutus arrive at their destination by Parcelforce. Don’t you love the bright red colour of this company?

Seeing all this hustle and bustle of  air transport makes one remember the days when packages had to travel by ship to reach foreign shores.

How A Tutu Is Prepared For Shipment

Are you as curious as I am when it comes to packing a classical tutu properly for long distance shipping? Does the tutu come in a big, round box so the skirt will lay flat? Who makes sure that the costume is packed tenderly and professionally with care?

I cannot speak for other businesses, but Monica of Costume Creations gives personalised attention to each garment all the way to the final sealing of the package. Tutus are taken in person to the postal service  and the entire packing procedure is witnessed to ensure the pristine quality of the garment stays that way.

It is interesting to learn that classical tutus are typically shipped in 18x18x18 boxes. Just like there is a fine art to constructing a professional tutu, there is a proper way to pack it for transport without bending the hoops or damaging the shape.

Below: A lesson from Monica on how she carefully folds, bags and prepares a tutu for shipping. The folding lesson example uses a practise skirt and not the full tutu pictured.


After Your Tutu Is Packed And Sealed

Shipping Box 18x18x18Once the precious cargo is resting comfortably within the shipping box at the postal service, this is what happens next:

  1. The box will be measured and weighed.
  2. A delivery option is chosen. 2 days express is the preferred choice for Costume Creations so the tutu doesn’t stay boxed for long.
  3. A receipt with tracking number is obtained and shared with the client.
  4. Package transit is checked online and updates are sent to the client.

What To Expect Upon Opening Your Package

With the careful folding and short stay inside the shipping box, your tutu should immediately bounce back into shape as soon as you take it out. To keep it clean and beautiful, it can be stored in a protective tutu bag. The bag dimensions should be at least 110 – 120 cms ( 43-47 inches) in diameter to prevent the edges of the skirt from crushing.

Anticipating The Arrival Of Something Precious

Young ballerina by Bryan Harris
Beautiful Ballerina © Costume Designed by Monica Newell, ©Photography by Bryan Harris

All this modernity and easier access to costume designers via the Internet seems to catapult things into an ultra-practical business realm doesn’t it? However, there is something so magical and enchanting about classical tutus that they will never cease to be the romantic and charming garments that they are.

It isn’t just a box with a tutu in it. On the other end is a hopeful recipient anticipating the arrival of something beautiful into her life.

It is the heart of a young dancer looking forward to something created just for her. It is joyful excitement as she takes her precious costume out of the box and runs to the mirror to hold it up in front of her.  It’s here! It’s finally here! She tries it on. It’s perfect.

The arrival of her costume gives her another reason to dance right there on the spot. To dream. To imagine and practise and persevere. Most of all, both the beauty of the dancer and the costume meld together to create photographic memories that are priceless and well worth the wait.


“The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting”
― Andy Warhol



Image Credits:, FedEx Express McDonnell Douglas MD-11 by Alan Radecki,  No Modifications,, 18x18x18 box Courtesy of,, Aldergrove June 95 (14)(n) G-PFBT Viscount—-Parcel Force by Eric Johnston, No Modifications,







  1. I must admit I do always get very nervous posting off tutus (2 weeks work lol) and pray that they arrive safely. It is such a relief to me when it arrives safely and most importantly fits and looks as perfect as the client is hoping for .

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