American Dance Theater Tutu Designs

White Classical Tutu
© Dance Photography by Elena Zabelina

One of the most fascinating things about the world of ballet is when a very young student appears to be “born with it”. You can look at them and easily picture them climbing the ladder of success. They go beyond the typical  scenario of kids dancing around and just having fun.

One of the most noticeable traits of children who have this special quality is their posture and poise. They have captured the regal bearing of an advanced dancer.

Some of this beautiful poise comes from the child’s own ability to understand how the alignment of the body works. Some comes from an inner passion to mimic the perfect lines of advanced dancers.

The rest comes from the marvelous tutelage of a great instructor. Unlike some approaches to ballet training where the style is informal and casual for young children, the Russian approach is superior for molding the young body into proper technique.

 The Excellence Of Russian Ballet Training

Bayer Ballet Academy Student
© Dance Photography by Elena Zabelina

Decades ago as a teenager, I  drove out to visit the Washington School of Ballet. Back then ( 1976), it was an incredibly prestigious school for serious students and still is. However, at that age, I didn’t pay attention to the methodology of the school. It wasn’t until the late 1980’s when I found out that  The Kirov Academy opened its doors in Washington D.C.

Students learn ballet using the methodology of the Vaganova technique. I see a huge difference when I compare  Russian-trained ballet students to any other style.

The petite dancer shown here has received her training in California at The Bayer Ballet Academy-School of Russian Ballet. You can learn more about the school on their Facebook page.

How lovely and inspiring to see such a young one looking so professional and spotless in a dance photo! In case you are wondering, the little miss is only six years old.

 The Younger They Are, The Brighter They Shine

Did you or anyone you know ever wear something this beautiful when you were only six? There is an important ethical approach needed when creating classical tutus for children; they are entitled to the same high standards of fit, materials and quality of work as adults. It’s visually stunning to see a child in high-quality couture garments.

Big Inspiration Comes In Small Packages

Katushka KletsIt is indeed thought-provoking that the youngest among us can achieve the greatest things. They have an enthusiasm and sparkle that can’t be hidden under a bushel. They remind us of our own childhood dreams, yet propel us forward into the future.

This gorgeous pachka ( tutu in Russian) not only fits her body perfectly, the jewel-like embellishments make it a thing of immense beauty.

When I think how a couture costume travels from the designer in one country to the dancer in another, it makes the ballet world seem a little smaller. How wonderful it is to think that a tutu can fly on gossamer wings to land gently in the hands of one who is longing for its appearance with all heart and soul.

Best wishes and a bright dance future to this lovely ballerina from California.

 “For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.” ― John Connolly

Elena Zabelina



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