A Springlike Variation Of Tutu Shades Leaves Winter Behind

Because tutu designs from Monica’s studio come in a wonderful variation of shades, I am inspired to make a post not unlike a flower shop for the winter-weary. Normally, I try to feature one tutu design at a time. However, when you see a collection of these gorgeous garments grouped together, you can really appreciate how much work goes into each one.

With springtime not too far away, let’s celebrate by admiring some flower-like shades of tutus and put those gray winter days away until next year.

Pretty Tutu Colours Make Us Forget About Winter


Aurora Rose Adagio Pink Tutu
Aurora Rose Adagio© Monica Newell

 Silky Pink Pansies

  •  One thing that is always admirable about a Costume Creation’s tutu is the skirt construction. They stand at attention with military precision.
  • Since ballet is all about discipline and strict aesthetics, we can be happy that these tutus stick to the rules.
  • I love the dress form display that includes the matching head-piece.

Pink Tidbit: Pink creates a feminine, harmonious energy that signifies the giving and receiving of love. It is gentle, yet seeks admiration.


The Don Quixote Bridesmaid Solo-Yellow Tutu
Don Quixote Bridesmaid Solo © Monica Newell

Star-burst Sunflower

  • Yellow classical tutus are rare and even more so if you need a professional one.
  • This shade simply packs a punch in the colour department. It has amazing stage presence and it hasn’t even left the dress form.
  • Here we see a creative method of applying the skirt embellishments. Longer trim accents in star-burst formation from the bodice are placed at intervals, then accented again with small, matching embellishments.

Yellow Tidbit: Yellow makes us feel energized and ready to conquer new challenges. It is optimistic and positive. Can’t you feel the energy?

Medora Variation Classical Tutu
Medora Variation-Le Corsaire© Monica Newell

Elegant Tranquil Jonquil

  • When I first saw this tutu, I was immediately transported under water to some magical mermaid kingdom where the sea is a beautiful blend of blue and green hues.
  • Now that I have dried off, I can really understand why this shade represents peace and feeling grounded.
  • The wow factors here ( other than the shade) have to be the royal-crest-like application on the bodice and the multitude of tiny crystals that frost the skirt.

Green Tidbit- Green is the color of wealth, prosperity and peace. It represents persistence in the face of challenges and never gives up.

Royal Blue Tutu
Royal Blue & Gold Classical Tutu © Monica Newell

Royal Rose Garden

  • This design is both at once sophisticated, yet classically understated.
  • It has all the earmarks of a royal garment and creates the impression of wealth, breeding and the finest of taste.
  • There is a beautiful flow when you follow the golden trail of trim down the front of the bodice and as it spills out to meander along the netting in all of its courtly loveliness.

Blue Tidbit: Blue is the color of loyalty and trust. It represents authority, wisdom and honesty.

Purple Airbrushed Tutu
Airbrushed Plum Fairy© Monica Newell

Hand-Dipped Carnation

  •  Creating air-brushed classical tutus that come out right the first time requires a great deal of skill.
  • Airbrushing techniques give the designer more opportunities to leave their artistic fingerprints on client garments.
  • They remind me of the carnations that flower shops hand-dip to make one-of-a-kind bouquets.
  • This tutu is ethereal and wispy, ladylike and very, very pretty.

Purple Tidbit: Purple is a colour that relates to the imagination and dreams. It is the shade of creative individuality and appeals to artistic types.


Kitri Variation Tutu in Red
Kitri-Don Quixote© Monica Newell

The Zinnia Show-Stopper

  • This tutu design just blares with dramatic excitement and belle-of-the-ball popularity.
  • As one of the brightest shades, it guarantees the dancer that all eyes will be on her.
  • The top of the bodice is magnificent. The fine accent beading travels delicately around the border like a fine crystal frame.
  • The double row of embellishments center front add even more excitement to this design.

Red Tidbit: Red is exciting, dramatic, theatrical and slightly dangerous. It represents energy and action.  The colour red demands that you take notice.

Let’s remember that each one these garments require a lot of forethought, planning, measuring, consulting, cutting, pinning, pleating, matching, threading and repeating. Costume designing takes inspiration, perspiration and theatrical savvy.

About The Dress Form Mannequins

Did you notice that all the tutus featured on this page were displayed on studio dress forms? Some professional garment makers are so close to their mannequins that they give them names. They may or may not hold trade secrets for a tutu maker, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Take the fun vote below.




Sources: Color tidbits, http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/


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