4 Things That Tutus Teach Us About Life

Kitri Variation Costume
What tutus teach us about life …… © Theatrical Design by Monica Newell ©Dance Photography by PHOTOS2U

Professionally made classical tutus are beautiful, enchanting garments.  Without these intricate fabric concoctions, ballet stories wouldn’t be the same. The ballerina images we love to share online today owe as much to the effect of the costume as  they do to the striking pose of the dancer.

Why do people find ballerinas so interesting? What makes the non-dancer share tutu pictures online with such passion? The better question is one that I ask myself; what makes the subject of tutus so intriguing that I can keep writing post after post with endless enthusiasm? Because tutus can teach us things about ourselves and life if we look deep enough.

If a tutu is magnificent enough, even a 99 year-old Grandmum may want to take up ballet lessons or at least day-dream about wearing one. They are that inspiring!

The next time you find yourself in awe of a tutu design, think about why it captures your interest. Maybe it wants to teach you something.

1. The Human Heart Craves The Magnificent

Kitri Tutu
A beautiful dancer in a couture tutu is a vacation for the eyes……©Tutu Original designed by Monica Newell © Dance Photography by PHOTOS2U

Picture your precious infant in a crib. As a parent, wouldn’t you want your child to be exposed to the very best that life has to offer? When deprived children are given programs and opportunities to expand their minds and give them hope, it almost always includes exposure to nature, the arts, music and the finest literature. Ballet is nature, music, art and literature all combined into one wonderful package.

We all crave beauty.  Think about it; when we plan a vacation, we don’t sign up to visit a rubbish heap. We want to see snow-covered mountains, pristine beaches, scenic pathways, moonlit nights, twinkling stars and things that make us happy to be alive. Admiring a gorgeous tutu design fills us with this sense of magnificence.

Beauty, beauty, beauty; the world needs more of it.

2.  Each One Of Us Has Unlimited Potential

Kitri Variation Costume
Become a star by reaching for them…… ©Tutu Couture by Monica Newell ©Dance Photography by PHOTOS2U

A classical tutu is worn by both students and professional dancers. However, a dancer isn’t born winning competitions and contracts without self-motivation. There are thousands of dance students who have had naysayers in their life trying to discourage them from entering the ballet world.

Some have financial challenges that make training difficult. Others may have physical barriers to overcome. If you have ever watched videos of low-arched pointe students working tirelessly to stretch and strengthen their feet, you are seeing people who are determined to reach their potential.

Tutu makers are a great example of human potential. No costume designer starts out with a perfect garment on the first try. They have to reach higher and higher in order to perfect the craft of theatrical garment making. When you love what you do and have a deep passion for it, you can reach incredible heights.

3. We Don’t Have To Accept Mediocrity In Our Lives

When we experience owning or using a well-made product, it reminds us that some people have higher standards that refuse to sacrifice quality for a cheaper substitute. They say our self-esteem is wrapped up in what we allow into our lives. When we except shoddy products, circumstances, people, friends and ill-treatment , we are sending ourselves the message that we are not worthy of the best. You are a fabulous creation and are worthy of the very best.

4. Watching Others Go For Their Dreams Inspires Us To Do The Same

If you are a ballet Mum or just a fan that has experienced being privy to the classroom, rehearsals and behind-the-scenes challenges, you understand how difficult it can be to become a great dancer. Ballet students struggle with many things; finding the right shoes, making their body contort into unnatural poses, paying expenses, learning new choreography, competing with other dancers for roles and sacrificing childhood playtime for hard work.

A dancer’s life can be riddled with blistered feet and sore muscles. He or she can never really take a break from the demands of physical perfection. Through all of this, they keep going. They keep chasing the dream no matter what the sacrifice. Passion and dedication can turn a dream into a reality; even when the going gets tough.

Behind Every Tutu Is A  Memory-Making Experience For A Wide Group Of People

Kitri Professional Tutu
Kitri Don Quixote ©Tutu Couture by Monica Newell ©Dance Photography by PHOTOS2U

When the tutu is finished and the performance is over, everybody packs up and goes home. The dancer changes clothes and hauls her ballet things out of the theater. The tutu bag she carries is symbolic of the many people who came together to make a venue for that costume to appear on stage.

How little we think about the many people it takes to create a staged performance:

* The love and support of family, friends, teachers and associates.

* The musicians and sound technicians. Carpenters, painters and electricians.

*The folks who care for the condition and cleanliness of the theater and its floor surfaces.

*The photographers who capture the grace of a pose for memories that last a lifetime.

Last but not least, the costume makers, fabric suppliers, bead and trim manufacturers, thread companies, shoe cobblers, theatrical makeup vendors and  even the factory workers who make hair clips and bun accessories. There are many, many more.

As a matter of fact, I forgot another person who stays behind the scenes, yet experiences just as many wonderful memory-making tutu moments as everyone else; me.  If it wasn’t for the love of the tutu designs from Costume Creations ( hence Tutu-Love), the inspiration to post and share with readers would be much diminished.

The fiery, dramatic tutu design of black and red captures the essence of the Kitri character in the Don Quixote ballet story. Full of strength and courage, yet supremely elegant, the costume captures the Spanish flair of the variation to perfection.

” There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living”. -Nelson Mandela


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  1. thank you so much for all that you have written here – these topics are the sources of inspiration for a dance costume maker. We know how much work and inspiration by the student , the teacher and the parents has gone into their dancing and we want to make a costume that does all their hard work justice.

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