Knights, Fantasies And Dream Scene Tutus

Dream Scene Tutu
If Only All Dreams Were As Beautiful © Designed by Monica Newell for Costume Creations U.K. © Photography by PHOTOS2U.

Have you ever heard the expression chivalry is dead? It may be uncommon in today’s world, but in many ballet stories, chivalry will live on and on forever. Those of us who have old-fashioned ideas about romance and courting have no problem embracing those ideals. Being rescued by a gallant Knight on a white steed sounds like a wonderful concept in times of trouble.

410 years ago, a Spaniard by the name of Miguel de Cervantes penned a story based on chivalry and the power of human imagination; Don Quixote. Long before feminism was even a word, women were perceived as delicate flowers that needed a male hero in times of danger or distress.

Chivalry: A heroic code of honor that respects and defends the weak or the vulnerable.

Any avid reader can immediately relate to the character  Don Quixote and his ability to get lost in the world of books.  In Don Quixote, the main character focuses on rescuing Lady Dulcinia in his dreams. His books influence his gallant illusions and create a rich inner world of imaginations.

Lady Dulcinia; Is She Real, Or Am I Dreaming?

What kind of costume inspires thoughts of chivalry? One that makes the dancer appear like a prize worth fighting for in the eyes of a Knight. Isn’t that romantic?  Here we see a tutu skirt so exquisitely balanced that it remains aesthetically perfect no matter what position the body takes. Action photos not only capture ballet technique, but let us see the true balance of tutu construction.

Even though Lady Dulcinia was just a dream in Don Quixote’s chivalrous imagination, there is something about the storyline that rings true for today’s modern romantic soul. There is something intricately beautiful about using strength and power for the good of others who are less strong.

There is also something beautiful about using a personal talent to make garments that not only glorify the traditions  of ballet , but help us all learn to appreciate those whose hands create them with all heart and soul.

The Kirov Ballet Performing Don Quixote

Longue chevalerie en direct, le ballet et l’imagination humaine.

You can learn more about the history of the Don Quixote Ballet in this fun, informative study guide.

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