Pas De Deux Tutu Magic; Antique Rose Style

Antique Rose Classical  Tutu
Using fabric and embellishments that have a magnificent sheen under lighting. © Design Copyright Monica Newell.

Pretty in pink. When we see a girl or woman wearing this shade, it becomes her because it enhances her feminine beauty.  Add feminine beauty to a ballet story, a dancer’s delicate movements and a professional tutu designed in rose-pink and you have all the ingredients needed to create a rosy performance.

If rosy-pink classical tutus make you ooh and aaah, you are not alone. Pink is the color of ballet. It is soft and delicate, pure and ladylike. I couldn’t think of a better colour to use for tutus, tights, slippers and pointe shoes than pink, could you?

Pas De Deux Variations; The Splendor Of Partnering

Pas De Duex Tutu Pink
Layers and layers of gorgeous pink netting create an ultra-fluffy tutu skirt. © Design Copyright Monica Newell.

Many adults ( including myself) who now love ballet used to dream about becoming a famous ballerina as a child. Not only did visions of sugar plums dance in our heads, but everything else that went along with fame in the ballet world.

Posing for pictures, audiences clapping and asking for encores, hundreds of fragrant flowers being thrown at our feet and wearing the finest of costumes were part of those dancer dreams.

If we are going to have dance imaginations, they might as well be lofty ones.

Some of us dreamed of being lifted on the shoulders of a handsome dance partner and carried around like a virtual queen on a pedestal. Partner or not, the ballerina always seems to steal the show.

The Ballerina Remains The Focal Point Of Any Pas De Deux

The Pas de Deux
Pas de Deux

Being supported by an equally talented partner in a pas de deux variation is another basic required of the dance student preparing for a professional career. There is nothing that brings out the romance of a ballet story more than the classical pas de deux combination of the strong male dancer and graceful ballerina.

Partnering properly is also one of the most challenging parts of ballet training; both for the male and female student. Luckily, all those years of hard work pay off when you can be the star of your own ballet wearing a couture costume.

Antique Rose Tutu Construction  With Romantic Touches

Pas de deux tutu construction
Even the embellishments have perfect “aesthetics”. © Design Copyright Monica Newell.

The Bodice Details: Lustrous, smooth, silky and elegant. The v-shaped placement of trim strategically placed center front is well-balanced and lovely to look at.

The Contrast Of Textures: The soft shine of the bodice fabric next to the sheer crispness of the skirt netting enhances the beauty of this design. The shades are a perfect match. I adore the shine of this fabric; it reminds me of the satin prettiness of pointe shoes.

The Tutu Skirt Embellishments: I see a wonderfully nostalgic pattern woven through the embellishments. The longer trim pieces remind me of the boot shape that the country of Italy is known for. The smaller ones appear like angel wings or nesting doves.

It isn’t too farfetched to imagine these longer v-shaped embellishments as a dancer’s legs on pointe in second position.  An optical illusion or strategy? Only the designer knows for sure.

The Meaning Of The Antique Rose Colour

Red is the color of passion and  excitement. White is the shade associated with purity. When you combine red and white together, you get rose or pink. Here, red has been “cooled” off and white has been “warmed up”. The tutu featured on this page happens to be antique rose; an incredibly appropriate shade for a classical tutu. Why?

According to this lovely site about antique roses, they are considered so because they are older than 100 years, historically valued and come from European lineage. They are “heirlooms” that have deep traditional roots; just like classical ballet itself. Antique rose is a perfect shade for a ballet tutu.

  The Pas de Deux from Le Corsair


Rose“Pink is the color of romance and a friend tells me that the girl with the pink dress at the party is the one who is selected for each dance” -Alfred Carl Hottes


Tutu-Love wishes all of our readers a happy, healthy new year full of prosperity, good health and gorgeous tutus!


Images: Pas de Deux -Pixabay public domain free



  1. thank you for this eloquent review about this Tutu in Antique Rose – I love pink for tutus it always as you say goes so nicely with the tights and shoes – it is a very romantic colour like the beautiful pas de deux you included.

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