The Sublime Elegance Of Gold Tutu Bespoke Design

Gold Classical Abstract Tutu
The haunting beauty of a dancer in repose stirs the imagination

Classical ballet has been called a genre of the performing arts for hundreds of years.  Art is the visual expression of shapes, colours, silhouettes and scenery. Dance is the physical expression of a story told through music and movement. When you combine orchestra, scenery, technique, exquisite costumes and a passionate dancer you get the full jolt of theatrical artistry at its finest.

Dance Images  Teach Us About The Ballet World

In books, magazines and online, there are many types of ballet-related images. Some are run-of-the-mill images that show the fundamentals of the dance world.  Others capture  a fleeting movement or an expression at just the right time. Those magical still shots speak louder than words. The dancer shown here reminds me why I love ballet so much; it is one of the most beautiful of art forms.

Artistic Endeavors Require Multi-Layered Collaboration

When you examine ballet photography up close, it may simply appear as a pretty picture to look at and admire. When you did beneath the surface of dance photography, you will find an immense collaboration of talented people working as a team to make it all happen.  What makes it all happen is an interesting mix of people who have various talents to add to the layers of this intriguing dance cake.

Gold Tutu
Classical Abstract Tutu © 2014 Design Copyright Monica Newell

Here is what I find so fascinating:

  1. Without the writer, there can be no storyline for the ballet.
  2. Without the musician, there can be no music to accompany the story.
  3. Without the choreographer, there can be no coordination of movement to go with the music.
  4. Without the instructor, there can be no student that knows how to move to music to tell a story.
  5. Without the costume designer, there can be no sense between the character role and the variation danced.
  6. Without the dancer, there is nobody to make costumes for.
  7. Without an audience, there is nobody to dance for.

There are so many others that contribute to this fascinating layer cake that makes up the world of dance; the list could go on and on. How easy it is to take a performance for granted when so much goes on behind the scenes!

 Timeless Couture Methods  Of  Sublime Elégance

Gold Tutu
© 2014 Design Copyright Monica Newell

The one thing that stands out about Monica Newell as a ballet costume designer is that her garment-making techniques manage to permeate each one of her tutus with an elegance that is absolutely sublime.

You can almost smell and feel the “richness” and upscale quality of her garments; even through a photograph.


It doesn’t matter if the tutu is created for the youngest of students or for seasoned dancers; they are consistently, perfectly elegant. This also shows incredible respect for both the client and the craft of tutu making as a whole.


 The Costume, The Dancer, The Magic

 For a costume designer, it must be incredibly rewarding to see a finished garment in full glory on stage. All of the long hours spent hand sewing, measuring, pleating and remeasuring can be forgotten when the finished product makes so many people happy.

The Queen Of Dance Wear Design

Gold CrownFor the dancer, there can be no better choice for commissioning a costume than to use a designer who understands elegance. Because ballet was traditionally created as courtly entertainment for Kings and Queens, she holds the reins for royalty-pleasing couture methods. She herself is the queen of dance couture.




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