Costume Paradise-Songbirds, Plumeria And Tutus

Yellow and cream tutu
© 2014 Design Copyright Monica Newell, © Photography by David Sharples
Frangipani Flowers
Frangipani ( Plumeria) Flowers

One of the greatest joys about writing on the subject of tutus is being able to describe not only what I see, but what type of reaction or imagery they bring to my mind. Sometimes, tutus remind me of some delectable bakery confection. Sometimes they transport me back hundreds of years to medieval times. Sometimes a certain shade or colour combination will take me to a garden, a waterfall or an exotic locale.  Who knew that tutus had that much power?

Classical Tutus In Yellow Are Deliciously Unique

Classical tutus come in many different shades; each one created for a specific role. What I don’t see is many of these beautiful garments in brighter shades of yellow. Yellow tutus are rare and unique as far as dance photography collections online. Their uniqueness is even more wonderful when constructed professionally by an experienced dancewear designer.

In particular, yellow is perfect for high-energy roles such as The Sleeping Beauty Songbird Variation. The musical accompaniment to this variation is fast-paced and whimsical. You can hear this exciting composition in the example video below.

Yellow and cream tutu
© 2014 Design Copyright Monica Newell, © Photography by David Sharples

Starburst Pattern Tutu Skirt-A Beautiful Blend

This tutu has what I call the “yummyness” factor. No, that isn’t a professional term, but I believe my readers will understand what I mean. The star burst pattern of the embellishments are incredibly lively, yet are 100% classical elegance. This costume is both flirty and fun; sophisticated and polished.  Only a theatrical  costume master like Monica Newell can blend all of these characteristics into one fabulous fabric concoction.

What We Feel When We See The Colour Yellow

Yellow is an interesting colour. Like other shades of the spectrum, it has its own reputation and personality.  We feel a certain way around yellow than we would around other colours. Brighter hues of yellow are associated with positive, uplifting energy that radiates happiness, cheerfulness and mental clarity. It is definitely a va-va-va-voom shade; it attracts plenty of attention.

You’re Never Too Young For An Encore

As these gorgeous images prove, you don’t have to be a seasoned principal dancer with decades under your dance shoes to be worthy of an ovation. I have tremendous admiration for the young lady wearing this design. I can feel her exuberance and passion. She radiates warmth and charm. Just like her exquisite yellow tutu, she is a bright and shining star. Bravo, young lady. Best wishes for a bright and happy dance journey.

   The Sleeping Beauty Songbird Variation

Oriental_White_EyeListen carefully. Can’t you just imagine delicate birds in flight as they alight from one place to another? Such is the imagination-stirring power of  Tchaikovsky’s composing genius.

Image Credits: Frangipani ( Plumeria) Flowers, By Renesis (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

Oriental White Eye Bird By J.M.Garg (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


  1. I loved making this tutu – it is fun and exciting using unusual colour combinations but still remaining classical. Yellow is fabulous when it suits the dancer as well as it does on this young dancer with her stunning red hair. The Sleeping Beauty Songbird Fairy is a lovely opportunity for a yellow tutu.

  2. What a lovely article. It perfectly captures exactly why both my daughter
    and I fell in love with this tutu on sight. The colour looks amazing on stage. Charlotte feels like a princess in it and it matches her fun personality perfectly. Work of art xxx

  3. As I have said before elsewhere: very beautiful tutu; very beautiful dancer. The two combine to perfection. Also a splendid commentary on them.

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