Le Corsair Costume- Le Jardin Animé Tutu

Le Corsair Costume- Le Jardin Animé TutuLe Corsair Costume- Le Jardin Animé Tutu


The Ballet Le Corsaire Takes Us On A Journey Of Artistic Intrigue

As a ballet story, Le Corsaire is as deep and complex as they come. It involves tales of slavery, protesting pirates, palaces, harems  and even physical assault. The plot and storyline involve many captivating, passionate characters. The intensity of this story is palpable and entertaining at best; at worst, slightly confusing for those trying to grasp the logical progression of the acts.

blue-flowerOne act, however, has always been revered as stage magic;  the scene where a garden comes to life and becomes animated. The Jardin de Anime variation is a costume wonderland of tutus representing the natural beauty of flowers.

You can learn more about the Le Corsaire storyline and the progression of scenes in this informative article on the Bolshoi website.

Animated, Dimensional, Touch Me Dance Designs By A Couture Master

  • Le Corsaire Variation Costume-Le Jardin Anime Tutu
    © 2014 Designed by Monica Newell, Le Corsaire Variation Costume-Le Jardin Anime Tutu

    The Tutu Skirt– Feminine, enchanting and the perfect representation of a garden flower. The striking blue colour is so unique that it is difficult to describe. If I was going to describe this shade to a friend, I would call it a glowing, bright hue of sky blue or a revved up creamy aqua. The band of flowers along the skirt edge were placed there with lovely precision and care.


  • The Bodice Details- Nowhere can we study the intricate details of couture work than when we examine an embellished bodice up close. You can almost reach out and run your fingers along the raised stitches of the multi-coloured embroidery. The v-shaped placement is an exact representation of how flowering plants behave in a garden. They begin as small blooms, then branch out to cover more space as they grow.


  • The Accessories– The finishing touches of this delightful, garden-fresh couture tutu is the matching head-piece. Although the detail work of creating a professional variation costume falls to the designer, there is much joy for both the client and the maker when a garment idea comes to fruition in such a beautiful way.

 If you want more information about this variation costume or other designs, feel free to contact Costume Creations with your specific needs.


PirateyOn a personal note; the Le Corsaire Ballet story is perfect for learning about real history. While researching information about the storyline I learned that the word corsaire is defined as old French terminology meaning pirate, sea robber or fast pirate ship.

Blending artistic ballet technique with rough and tumble characters like sea robbers is what makes the performing arts such a swashbuckling career choice.

Ahoy mateys.



Image Credit: Piratey by J.J. at en.wikipedia, no modifications, creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/





  1. how beautifully descriptive this is – what eloquent writing about my tutus, I so enjoy reading these posts. Le Corsair is one of my favourite ballets , it is not so well known outside Ballet Circles – it is a very entertaining ballet, there is so much colour and spectacle, with the dancing, the costumes and the sets.

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