Sleeping Beauty Costume- Princess Florina Bluebird Tutu

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Let me teach you how to fly, Princess Florina

Sleeping Beauty Costume- Princess Florine Bluebird TutuAs one of the longest ballet stories, The Sleeping Beauty is chock full of glorious, mystical characters that create splendid variation choices for dance competitors. We have white cats, lilac fairies, sapphire jewel fairies and beautiful bluebirds. What I love about individual dance variations is much more than meets the eye. There is always some real life lesson we can apply to our own circumstances as we dig in to learn more about a character role.

Although Princess Florina suffers the pangs of imprisonment, she never gives up on her dreams of freedom. Nothing represents pure, unfettered freedom of movement like a bird in flight.  Just as we grow when we allow ourselves to be mentored by  those who have skills we lack, so did Princess Florina learn to fly with a lot of faith, courage and the bluebird’s watchful eye.

In this revealing article, Out Of The Blue, we learn one dancers challenge as she tries to capture the essence of the Princess Florina bluebird variation.

Design Elements And Costume Features

  • Sleeping Beauty Costume- Princess Florine Bluebird TutuThe Bodice– What caught my attention about the bodice construction are the streamlined vertical seams that give the garment great shape and definition. The bodice alone is magnificently framed  and accented with brilliant hand-worked trim.
  • The Tutu Skirt– I say many times that a picture speaks a thousand words. However, the sparkle of silver that you see here on the tutu skirt will only be magnified ten times over under stage lighting; imagine the opulent shine. This amazing costume design is an outstanding ensemble for the Princess Florina bluebird role.
  • The Accessories– Professional grade straps make sure this bluebird can fly securely. The swirling effect of the shimmery two-tone embellishments on the skirt are like a delicate sky-blue cloud that has been dipped in platinum with a few strategically placed sapphire gemstones to give it the pomp and circumstance it needs to attend a royal wedding.

Would it be too farfetched to imagine taking a tutu from Costume Creations, shrinking it down and wearing it as a  sparkly, fabulous ring? They are that gorgeous.


Princess Florina  Gets Her Wings


Bluebird Image Copyright Free, Mountain bluebird sialia currucoides by Jesse Achtenberg, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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  1. What a beautiful description of the Princess Florina dance and costume – thank you for going into the background of the dance to depict the intention of the tutu to enhance the Dancers Role.

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