Paquita Costumes-Girl’s Solo Variation Tutu

The Role Of Solo Dancer In The Paquita Ballet Story

According to this article in Pointe Magazine, dancers face the exciting challenge of high-level technique when performing the many different variations that make up this enchanting ballet story. Whether performing a variation as a high-level competitor for The Prix du Lausanne,  YAGP, or  for a local dance competition, Paquita solos are both thrilling to execute and equally thrilling to watch.

Paquita is a hallmark rags-to-riches story about a kidnapped Spanish gypsy-peasant who is unaware of her true nobility. This is a wonderful metaphor for young dance competitors. We may feel that we are nothing extraordinary when in fact we are grande, unlimited and immensely powerful on the inside. Young ballet hopefuls are simply untapped nobility in the making.

Design Elements And Costume Features

  • Award Winning Costume Design
    Award Winning Costume Design

    The Bodice-The bodice details catch the eye with a delicate coordination of shades and textures. I love the darker shimmer of sequin accents that accentuate the very top edging of the bodice. The torso embellishments are multidimensional which makes you want to step in and take a closer look. The closure you look at Monica Newell’s couture designs, the more beauty you discover.

  • The Tutu Skirt– Not only is this design airbrushed, the added embellishments to the top of the skirt radiant outward from the waist like a magical sunburst. This is what makes the entire ensemble so pretty; a harmonious  blend of shades in the bodice, skirt and textured trims. The cream netting airbrushed with peach makes it look as delicious as a tempting dessert.
  • The Accessories– The head-piece is as fresh as a spring garden and gives this dancer the crowning glory of ballerina-like grace and elegance that professionalism calls for. The stage makeup is whimsical, yet looks so lovely with the tones of the tutu and the dancer’s own natural beauty.

The Above Featured  Tutu  Photos by  Angela Brain Photography

Experience The Thrill Of Watching A Paquita Solo



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  1. Such eloquent writing about the importance of getting everything correct in classical ballet for competition and performance. Paquita is one of my favourite Ballets – so many exciting variations – perfect for competition and so entertaining for the audience.

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