Sleeping Beauty Costume-Sapphire Jewel Fairy Tutu

Jewel Fairy in Sleeping Beauty - SAPPHIRE
© Sapphire The Jewel Fairy Tutu

The Role Of Sapphire The Jewel Fairy

Geschliffener_blauer_SaphirThe Sleeping Beauty Ballet is one of the world’s most-beloved dance stories. It is full of enchantment and artistic creativity. In Act III, we find ourselves attending the royal wedding of Princess Aurora. At the wedding are magical dancing guests in the form of Jewel Fairies.

Some of the Jewel Fairies are gold or silver. Some are diamonds or sapphires. Each role represents something rare and precious to be presented before a princess.

From a dance competition point of view, I can’t think of a role that would make me feel more special than that of portraying a precious gemstone in the form of a dancing fairy.

Design Elements And Costume Features

  • The Bodice– Expertly placed embellishments along the bodice front give  this costume a classically balanced aesthetic. The curves of the trim fit beautifully around the arms which can be viewed when the dancer holds her arms out to the side.
  • The Tutu Skirt– Like a sprinkling of  brilliant dewdrops, the top of the skirt has the believable shimmer of a Sapphire in the light. The color-coordinated trim in a slightly darker shade makes the skirt incredibly captivating to look at.  The consistently crisp,  non-droop shaping of every tutu skirt makes Monica Newell  a couture genius. They are always perfect each and every time.
  • The Accessories– The matching headdress tops off this beautiful couture ensemble to create the perfect stage-ready costume for dancing the role of the Sapphire Jewel Fairy.

Sapphire, Gold And Silver Jewel Fairies During Rehearsal

Image Credit:, Teardrop- cut blue sapphire by LesFacettes, no modifications,



One comment

  1. How beautifully you have described this tutu, and the lovely description of the Fairies. What a lovely link demonstrating the Jewel Fairies from Sleeping Beauty also. The lovely description of the the Sapphires was just what I intended when creating this tutu.

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