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© Zetland Stage Dance Festival  Couture
© Exclusive Design by Monica Newell, Zetland Stage Dance Festival

Next to getting married, having a child and graduating from college, what special event in someone’s life can cause as much excitement and joy? It could be performing in front of the judges at the Youth America Grand Prix. For some, this event may even be more special than getting married or a starting a family. Dancing can take over the heart and soul like no other profession.

Your  Youth America Grand Prix Costume Supplier Should Be On Your Team

If you weren’t passionate about succeeding in your dance career, you wouldn’t get very far. This is also true for anyone in the costume making business. If you, as a contestant, are passionate about winning, your designer should be on your team to help make that happen. When someone is on your team, you know it.

There are no guarantees that a stunning variation costume will bring home the title. However, the best tutu-makers care intensely about their clients success. The costumes they make for their clients are more than just fabric art forms. They are an extension of themselves and their passion for dance.  They can’t make you win, but they can do everything in their power to help you win.

Beauty is something that cannot be hidden under a bushel. A tutu designer can put their entire being into constructing an intricate garment never knowing where their “ballet butterfly” will end up when the curtains go down and the performance is over.

This tutu makes me think of Spanish Princesses, the romantic Renaissance era and  heart-stirring violin music all at the same time. The lovely embellishments shine majestically over the shimmery two-toned skirt like a royal family crest.
This tutu makes me think of Spanish Princesses, the romantic Renaissance era and heart-stirring violin music all at the same time. The lovely embellishments shine majestically over the shimmery two-toned skirt like a royal family crest.

How Do American Competitors Take Advantage Of Theatrical Couture Services Online?

© Custom Theatrical Design by Monica Newell, Helensburgh Dance Competition
© Stage Couture by Monica Newell, Helensburgh Dance Competition

As in other parts of the world that embrace dance competitions, there are suppliers in the U.S.A. that provide thousands of generic off-the-rack renditions of ballet garments. For YAGP variation costumes, a London-based theatrical couture expert is an excellent option.

It isn’t worth taking chances on fit, style, quality and comfort for such an important venue. It could be a career breaker and cost you heavily in the form of a nervous breakdown backstage. No contestant should have her mind on the ill fit of her generic garment minutes before her name is called to perform.

Why London? Because London and England have a longer history than the United States when it comes to the traditions of ballet. This history includes adhering to the high standards of construction for performing arts costumes.

Successful Ordering Of Custom-Made Dancewear For A YAGP Variation

American contestants should have no problem ordering a specially designed couture costume for the variation of their choice. However, if you are choosing a London-based theatrical expert, you can understand that costume orders need to be placed well in advance.

14K Gold Baroque
As I climb a fragrant mountain covered in wildflowers, I reach the top and discover more riches; veins of pure gold. This tutu speaks of luxury and opulence. More than just a gilded lily, it makes a courtly example of traditional ballet couture. Classical tutus in shades of yellow are rare; so are the designers that know how to make them sparkle with elegance like this one.

Couture designers that have decades of experience dealing with clients, costumes and competitions are used to answering any type of question a person may have about their dancewear needs. If you are an upcoming YAGP contestant or hoping to be in the near future, you may have several questions  :

  • What type of variation do I to choose?
  • How do I  measure myself  for online couture?
  • Can I see a fabric swatch before I order?
  • How long does it take for a costume to ship to the U.S.A.?
  • What happens if the fit isn’t perfect?
  • How do I work with a theatrical couture expert online?
  • How do I find the perfect costume within my budget?


Flag_of_the_United_StatesSince Tutu-Love doesn’t have a Monica’ s Tutu Advice Column, the next best option is to send her an email to find out how Costume Creations handles couture orders for American clients.  All costume questions and inquiries are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.




Image Credit: American Flag by Dbenbenn, Zscout370, Jacobolus, Indolences, Technion. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons






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