Prix De Lausanne Competition Costumes

When only the finest in classical ballet design will do. © Design Copyright, Monica Newell - All Rights Reserved
When only the finest in classical ballet design will do. © Designed by Monica Newell

In the world of ballet study, there are two types of dancers. One is happy to proceed with training at a regular pace and may not think too much about a serious career. The other, however, is intent on climbing the professional dance ladder in earnest. He or she has the highest aspirations of making a real career as a ballet dancer. For them, the world of dance competitions is serious business; it can make or break any advancement into the world of ballet success.

In order for dance theatres and academy scouts to weed out the very best talent, competitions are required. However, there is an incredible benefit for the contestant as well. There is nothing in the world that can compare to the pure exhilaration of competing with and against some of the finest dancers in the world; double that feeling for the winner!

Preliminary Testing And The Prix De Lausanne Dress Guidelines

I can honestly say that are many times during the course of writing about these topics, that I myself become a perpetual student. The more I write and research about the inner workings of ballet costume design for international competitions, the more fascinated I become.

Professional ballet has always been an art form that is very strict and of the highest standards. You can see those standards in place by viewing some of the dress guidelines for dancers who want to be considered for entry into the Prix de Lausanne system.

Contestants Must Follow Dress Code Rules For Complimentary Classes

© Design Copyright, Monica Newell - All Rights Reserved
© Design Copyright, Monica Newell – All Rights Reserved

During the competition phase, contestants are given a daily ballet class and coaching that entails meeting their required dress code for those classes. Below is the classical genre standard.

Female dancers must wear :

  •  A sleeveless leotard
  •  Pink tights
  •  Soft slippers or pointe shoes with ribbons
  •  No jewellery or hair decorations
  •  Rehearsal tutus for classical coaching classes

Male Dancers must wear:

  •  A form-fitting plain, white t-shirt or white leotard
  • Black tights
  • White socks and white slippers

You can learn more about the Prix de Lausanne class dress codes by visiting their competition procedures page.

Dancing Her Way To Fulfilling Her Ballet Career Goals

Prix de Lausanne Contestants Select Costumes Based On Age Group, Role And Variation

Creating winners one tutu at a time. © Design Copyright, Monica Newell
Creating winners one tutu at a time. © Monica Newell

In order to choose a costume for this competition, a dancer first selects the age group he or she falls under. There, choices are listed for roles and variations. Variations from Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Raymonda, Don Quixote, Coppelia or Swan Lake are just a few that contestants can choose from.

Whatever costume choice a dancer makes at this time is crucial if they are  going for the gold. The perks are outstanding for any dancer who wins the Prix de Lausanne.  Winning can mean gaining a scholarship to a prestigious school like The Royal Ballet or The English National Ballet just to name a few.

Choosing a  winning Prix de Lausanne costume means finding a master designer like Monica Newell who has decades of experience and expertise creating couture garments specifically for competitions of this magnitude.

Award-winning variation designs, specialised character couture and decades in the world of professional dance competitions is why Costume Creations is the perfect choice for any contestant facing a prestigious challenge like winning a Prix de Lausanne title.

” The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor. “- Vince Lombardi





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