What Do Couture Companies Do With Leftover Fabric Scraps?

© Bluebird Sleeping Beauty Tutu by Costume Creations UK

A couture artist gathers all her supplies to begin the garment making process; a sewing needle, thread, scissors, fabric and whatever inspiration is in her mind for the way in which she wants the finished costume to look. She cuts the fabric to the specified size and shape and puts the rest to the side. She threads the needle, gathers the edges of her fabric and begins the long process of creating a stunning dance garment made completely by hand ; just like this 100% original  tutu by Costume Creations.

Anytime one works with fabrics, trims and embellishments, the norm is to purchase enough extra yardage “just in case”. Because dance couture means creating a brand new, unique design for each client, a designer can end up with a lot of leftover bits of materials from so many projects. What happens to the leftovers?

Leftover Couture Fabric Pieces May Be Recycled Into Items That Are Useful, Educational, Or Even Fun

  • Bag up small fabric leftovers, buttons, beads, trims, e.t.c. and donate them to a charity shop

    Ekaterina in Kittu by Costume Creations UK
    Ekaterina in Kittu by Costume Creations UK
  • Give them away to friends and family for art projects and hobbies
  • Use them as materials for teaching young kids how to make doll clothes
  • Offer them to sewing schools or youth centers
  • Turn family pets into stars with their own custom costume like adorable little Ekaterina here.

Professional Dance Couture Companies Start Fresh With Each Client

As nice as it is to re-purpose and recycle things to prevent waste, couture houses are in the business of making each client look and feel their magnificent best with one-of-a-kind garments that cannot be found off the rack. Every piece is made just for that client, so the designer chooses fresh, high-quality materials to begin each commissioned garment anew. They don’t dig through their boxes of scraps to see if they can patch together a costume for you.

Although boxes and bags of shimmering beads, colourful netting, delicate laces and other coveted sewing treats are items that most of us would try to save, couture designers with a lot of clients have to constantly clean out their overflow and scrap fabric inventory or they wouldn’t be able to open their studio doors.

If you love the concept of  putting your pet in his or her own custom-fitted tutu, send an inquiry to learn more. They are cute, aren’t they?

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