Happy Anniversary Tutu-Love!

Celebrating 100 Posts And Looking Forward To Many More

Ekaterina looking fabulous in her costume creation

We have hit an important milestone here on Tutu-Love; 100 posts.

Reaching 100 posts about any topic can be difficult unless there is a true passion about your topic.  As a writer, the topic of tutus, ballet traditions, designers and costume making keeps me a perpetual student that learns something new with each post.

The ins and outs of youth dance competitions have been made that much more fascinating by having the privilege of following Monica Newell and Costume Creations U.K.  as the company grows by leaps and bounds in the dance world.

A special thank you goes out to our readers and subscribers; dance students and ballet aficionados that can’t get enough of the latest “tutu news” from this site. Because today also happens to be New Years Day, we sincerely wish you a Happy New Year and hope that all your dance dreams come true this year.

Ekaterina is part of the Costume Creations family and loves to model her very own kitty couture ensembles. She has the purrr-fect advantage of having a Mum that is one of the world’s most talented costume designers; isn’t she lucky?

Looking Forward To The Next 100 Posts On Tutu-Love

 CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain

Let’s have a toast to the next 100 posts that are coming in the future here on Tutu-Love. There will be more interesting ballet topics, tips and  techniques for students and most of all, more gorgeous tutu designs from Costume Creations U.K.      Cheers everyone!

© Copyright 2014 Ekaterina Newell by Monica Newell c/co Costume Creations U.K., All Rights Reserved. Champagne glasses CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Free Image

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  1. THANK YOU – seems inadequate to show my appreciation for the all the hard work and study you have put into 100 POSTS about Ballet Tutus. This is a truly unique work – I hope in years to come Tutu-Love will be used as a valuable reference by Ballet Companies, Dance Studios, Dancers and Costumiers. Thank you again, and thank you for making Tutu-Love entertaining with this beautiful feature of Ekaterina in her “kit-tu” – many many thanks.

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