Tutu Favourite Of The Month-December 2013

White Seed Pearls And Promises

Remember the song by Karen Carpenter called White Lace And Promises? That is the romantic feeling that this tutu inspires in me. Like a new bride walking down The Hall Of Mirrors at The Palace Of Versailles on her wedding day, this design speaks both of delicate feminine beauty and powerful riches.

The well-chosen embellishments represent the extreme hand-couture work of the elite in fashionable royal circles. It speaks of long ago, yet is thoroughly modern. That is what I love about classical ballet tutus. They are old, yet they are new. They were invented hundreds of years ago, but theatrical couture specialists like Monica Newell recreate them for today’s dancer whilst respecting the boundaries of costume tradition.

What Does It Mean To Add Pearls To A Bodice ? pearl

You know me, I always look for the deeper meaning behind the details! Adding pearls to the bodice of a tutu has to mean something more than just pretty decorative eye candy. I set off to find out more about pearls and their significance in the fashion industry.

Pearls Are The Oldest Known Gem In The History Of Our Lives

Although we modern folks don’t consider a pearl a gemstone anymore, they did thousands of years ago. Here are a few pearls of interest about this subject:

  • Pearls are used to adorn bridal wear because they symbolise innocence and purity
  • Natural pearls are made by a living creature and are considered extremely valuable; especially for the oyster, no doubt
  • Wearing pearls signifies dignity, wealth, prestige and upper-class taste
  • They have a natural lustre that makes them well-suited for enhancing the beauty of a woman

I  think I now understand the reason behind seed pearls and faux pearl beading when it comes to creating magnificent tutu designs. When you have the skills of  a couture master like Monica Newell who knows that strategic placement of  these lustrous gems on and around the bodice creates a very dignified and  high-caliber appearance , you will have gathered a few pearls of wisdom about Costume Creations and their upper-class approach to dancewear design.

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  1. Well you have a way of seeing into the depths of what I was thinking when I made this tutu. Yes indeed I endeavour always to make a modern tutu that withstands todays expectations whilst also so importantly respecting the boundaries of the traditions of classical ballet style. Pearls are a beautiful decoration – I have always loved them and love the opportunity to include them.

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