Tutu Favourite For November 2013-Beau Blanc Et Azur Tutu

Mysteries Of The Deep…….

Now that November is almost over and December is right around the corner, I can’t think of a better representation of the icy wonderland that awaits us than the cool, yet powerful shade of  electric azure blue against a backdrop of pure white in the form of a classical ballet costume. However demure we may consider a young ballet student, when seen in this type of professional ensemble, they present a powerhouse of stunning beauty and theatrical impact.

Artistic Embellishments Like Fine Works Of Art

The embellishments here are just like icing on a royal cake, only grander and incredibly artistic. They are like the frost on the petals, the sprinkling of fine sugar on expensive tea cakes and all things sublime and excellent.  The pattern of the skirt trims, the airbrushing and the exquisite allure of this costume moves the emotions as much as they would be moved getting up close to an iceberg in person. Both are naturally inspiring and worthy of much respect. The closer you get, the more beautiful they become.

Azure Water And Floating Mountains Of Ice

Just like an iceberg has much more under the surface than what we can see with the eye, so has a well-honed tutu design that takes time to bring to fruition. The two colours speak of purity, yet immense power. Blue comes in many different tones and variations, but this particular shade combination strikes the perfect theatrical cord and gives us a costume so stunning to look at that one is tempted to create imaginary choreography in one’s head; one that involves scenes of cool ice queens, rescues at sea, underwater cotillions and ocean creatures that dance under moonbeams.

“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings.” – Author Unknown

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  1. thank you so much – for writing your wonderful reviews of my tutus – I love the wording of the likeness to the blue water – I am very inspired by the colours of nature- this girl was a delight to make for – I was thrilled with how she looked in the tutu – so beautiful and elegant.

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