Tutu Favourite Of The Month For July 2013

lilac-tutuLilac And Lavender Artistically Combined

Unique and creative embellishment detail on the tutu skirt of this lovely lilac-coloured costume makes it my personal pick for July! There seems to be unlimited creativity when it comes to constructing beautiful classical tutus for the dancers who commission Costume Creations U.K. as their designer of choice.

Modern, Yet Traditional Tutu Design

I love the trendy patterns of the diamond-shaped embellishments that grace the top of the tutu skirt here. Because they are different in size, they have wonderful dimensional qualities. They remind me of dewdrops forming lightly on a pretty lilac bush in  a well-tended garden. This one is a masterpiece of serene loveliness. Beautiful.

Ballet is a universe of the imagination, a place of magic and enchantment, beauty and romance. Its many worlds vibrate with graceful dancers, glorious music, and sumptuous costumes.” –


  1. this is one of my favourites – I enjoyed making it – I was inspired by the Balanchine Ballet JEWELS. Thank you for this lovely review – I appreciate the time you spend writing about Ballet Costume.

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