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Are you looking for ballet tutus for girls in the U.K. area? If you are considering purchasing a dance costume off-the-rack, you may want to reconsider. If your girl is going to be enrolled in a professional dance academy, she will need to get used to professional-grade standards of dress for her rehearsals and performances. Costume fit is one of the most  important standards in the strict world of ballet. Fit is key and so are a host of other important theatrical details that only the right costume source will be knowledgeable about.

Just A Few Of The Concepts Of Ballet Costume Making

There are many points that are taken into consideration  whenever a costume designer and dancer get together to consult for the construction of a needed design. I believe three are very important although there are numerous more:

  • Designer Creativity-What would be the point of being a costume maker if you didn’t have some creative freedom to invent your own personal style of using fabrics and trims for unique garments? This freedom of expression lets the public know just how creative and talented a bespoke garment maker really is.
  • Role Representation– Will your dancer have to look like a fairy, a flower or some type of woodland creature? Perhaps she will represent a certain ethnic group or will dance in a rural village scene. Along with her dancing, her costume will have a large role in helping to tell the ballet story to the audience.
  • Individual Presentation-Does the costume fit, flatter and bring out the best of the dancer’s physique and body movements? Will the total package appear professional before judges and members of the audience on stage? Will it have stage presence or présence sur scène as they say in French?

Tutus With Présence Sur Scène Create Theatrical Electricity

What is a tutu with stage presence? It is one that takes advantage of  every possible theatrical nuance to show off the beauty of the dance and the dancer in their finest form. Only a costume designer that has enough experience is going to know what types of materials, fabric colours,  embellishments and/or trims are going to work for that particular role, venue, stage lighting and choreography.

The Best Ballet Tutus For Girls in The U.K.  Cannot Be Massed Produced By Machine

Although it can be tempting to find a cheap substitute costume that has been machine-made and is part of an inventory, perfect fit is going to be a gamble for most. Each dancer is an individual with a specific body profile that is totally unique from anyone else in this world.  Many professional ballet dancers  hunt for years to find a stock pointe shoe that fits like a glove, only to realize that having their shoes custom-made is the absolute best option. The same is true of a classical tutu.  Made-to-measure is best when it comes to attaining ballet perfection.

Choosing custom-made garments is not frippery, but is an essential for any dancer who wants to approach her dance career in a professional manner that  shows regard for the high standards of the performing arts world.

If you have any concerns about a costume requirement, you can click on the white tutu on the sidebar or feel free to send your question directly to Costume Creations.

“You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure”. -Zig Ziglar


  1. What a wonderful in depth review about the process of acquiring a tutu for competition, thank you so much for your detail and knowledge of this artform.

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