Tutu Favourite Of The Month For May 2013

Royal Blue Classical tutu
Ballet Couture design by Costume Creations U.K. in Royal Blue

When it comes to royal history in the world of the performing arts, classical ballet is at the top of the list. When it comes to beautiful ballet costumes, this one is the cream of the crop. There are some garments that take your breath away when you first lay eyes on them and this is one!

Rich Royal Blue Is The Perfect Shade To Represent Such A Heritage

There is something to be said about a tutu in a bright, rich colour like this. I am sure that some of  the regular readers of this blog are probably aware of my favouritism for pale pink or white costumes. The lighter shades can have an ethereal, youthful and girlish quality that I love. However, the deep, dramatic blue here is more womanly. It is sophisticated and  bold at the same time. It is theatrical because it causes a sensation.

Stunning Embellishment Placement Fit For A Queen

What I love about photos of the tutus from Costume Creations resting on their dress forms is that they look convincingly like they have a plan and a purpose and know it.. If this Royal Blue beauty could speak it would say, ” I am meant to be a show-stopper. I am meant to wow the audience. I am meant to be admired and talked about”. You know what, tutu? I couldn’t agree with you more!


One comment

  1. Thank you , for your wonderful writing about my tutus, you must have read my mind because yes my intention was with this tutu to create something very Regal, I am glad the end result was right, and hope the owner of the tutu has success with it.

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