Tutu Favourite Of The Month For April

Dance photography and professional costume design make this image picture perfect. Classical tutu couture by Costume Creations U.K.
Dance photography and professional costume design make this image picture perfect. Classical tutu couture by Costume Creations U.K.

Where can a ballet-lover find the best examples of classical ballet costume designs that are picture perfect and so inspiring?  Right here on this page.

There are few things that leave such a lasting impression of beauty on my mind  like a still photograph of a ballerina wearing an exquisite professional tutu ensemble. This is an image I could place on my wall and enjoying looking at forever.

I chose this one as my personal favourite for the month of April for at least three lovely reasons:

* The dark background of the photo showcases the light and airy design of the tutu skirt making it easier to see the pleating details that are made so precisely.

*Her feminine hairstyle reminds me of some bygone era that makes me very nostalgic for the past; perhaps my own childhood dreams of becoming a ballerina?

* The frosty, transparent quality of the netting is just an illusion of light. It looks delicate, but stays exactly as it should because of the way it was made. Illusions remind me of magic and magic shows.

* Of course, if you stay tuned to this blog you already know my severe weakness for the shade of pale pink in anything; let alone a gorgeous tutu design. I promise not to choose a pink tutu for May, dear readers!

The position of reverence’ in ballet is one of respect and honor. It also means to revere, admire and hold in high esteem.  As  a master in the art of theatrical costuming,  Monica Newell of Costume Creations  is  held in the highest esteem by those who  know her, work with her and experience the beautiful benefits of her couture expertise.


  1. Thank you again for your beautiful writing about my tutus. I love this picture too – it was taken as an action shot while she was performing on stage, this little girl is also a Royal Ballet School Junior Associate.

  2. Thank you for you lovely comments on the tutu but also my daughter, this is one of my favourite pictures I have it everywhere even on my phone case !! Francesca’s tutu is so beautiful, Monica is an amazing dress maker we love all her work xx

  3. Thank you for your lovely write up on Frances’s tutu, this has to be one of my favourite pictures to date I do have it every where even down to being on the cover of my phone, Francesca is very happy dancing in her beautiful tutu, but I am also waiting for her to outgrow it so I can frame it and hang it on her bedroom wall and look at it everyday !!
    Monica is an amazing Costume designer and Francesca and I love all her work, once again thank you for choosing Fran’s Tutu xx

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