Ballet Costumes For Girls U.K.-Dance Apparel Marketing 101

When it comes to researching ballet costumes for girls in the U.K. online, I noticed something very interesting. Manufacturers seem to feature female dance costumes way more often than male costumes. You can go from site to site and see that dance attire for the female will be the majority of the advertising focus.  No company puts a slogan or product featuring a male garment on the first page unless the company is strictly into the production of male dance clothing. I find that very intriguing. Everything has a reason, so I will attempt to discover why ballet and theatrical garments are so female focused.

Why Do Dance Supply Companies Focus On Female Garments?

Airbrushed Classical Tutu by Costume Creations U.K.
Marketing The Beauty Of Dance And Technique With Beautiful Ballet Photos. Airbrushed Classical Tutu by Costume Creations U.K.

When I think about advertisements for dance clothing in the U.K. or anywhere else online, the majority of the apparel is modeled by girls, teens and women. You see females modeling leotards, legwarmers, pointe shoes, slippers, tiaras, stage makeup and tights.  Search for ballet barres online and your search results will come back with images of females practicing barre exercises. Male dancers have to do barre work too, so why are they not used to advertise ballet barres? For some reason, the female dancer is the marketing choice (sorry fellows).

The Ballerina Solo Or In Pas De Duex Has The Limelight

Consider going to a ballet production and paying good money only to find that all of the dancers are male and are wearing traditional dance pants, slippers and tops. There are no tutus anywhere to be seen. Wouldn’t that be a huge disappointment for you? Even an all-male theatrical troupe like the Troccaderos dress as female ballerinas. People want to see tutus, feminine costumes and most importantly, graceful movements.

Designing Ballet Costumes For Girls In The U.K.-Who Cares About  Dance Pants?

One of the biggest mysteries of behind-the-scenes costume making is how tutu makers learn to do what they do. Theatrical garment making can cover a wide range of dance apparel styles. Since I  have never attended any type of classes in the process of learning this skill, I can only imagine that an accredited costume making school focuses more attention on garments for the female dancer. It is typically the female that becomes the marketing focus of ballet-related photos, articles, videos and dance-history books.

How Fancy Footwork Ended Male-Focused Ballet Theatre

There is a reason why classical ballet changed from a male dominated venue to a female dominated one; pointe shoes! Once  the audience members of that time period became enraptured with the female dancers who were allowed to perform along the male dancers on the tips of their toes, the focus of ballet stories became more about the female as the “star” attraction. Fascinating, isn’t it? There is more dance apparel marketed for the female ballet dancer simply because that is what people want to see. Apparently, being a girl is a great thing. 🙂

The ballet is a purely female thing. It is a woman, a garden of beautiful flowers, and man is the gardener.
-George Balanchine-



  1. Yes this marketing does seem incredibly biased doesnt it – and I have to admit I am particularly guilty of this – I would like to include a Male Focus more , but in my case when making for young students mainly under 16 for competition it is nearly all girls, at most festivals you do not even see one boy ! I think this is different in Russia for instance. I think the focus changes more when the students reach adult professional age, then they are in Ballet Companies who provide the costumes. It is the same in ice skating and gymnastics, girls are predominantly featured. Lets face it there is nothing can beat the image of a cute little girl in a sparkling ballet tutu !!!!

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