Professional London Theatre Costumes For Young Adults

Do you have dreams of someday wearing a beautiful dance costume in a real theatre of the performing arts? For many young girls, the love of pretty costumes is the very reason they began begging for dance lessons at a young age. Professional ballet costumes are simply too lovely to ignore. Few people can walk by a classical tutu and not be struck by its unique structure and shape. Even people who do not care for the things of the ballet world will react to the sight of an enchanting costume. They can’t help it and neither can I. The beautiful  colours and  details of the two classical tutus shown in this post are going to cause an extreme reaction of joy, admiration and fascination.  You just can’t get any better than this when it comes to professional ballet costume construction.  How Does She Do It? Bravo!

Classical Ballet Costume by Costume Creations
This Classical Tutu Cannot Be Ignored. It Is Too Beautiful! Unique Design by Monica Newell Theatrical Couture Expert.

Theatre Costumes Are Part Of The Ballet  Story

When it comes to ballet performances, the storyline is told through many different nuances.  Dance stories are told through  facial expression, body posture and language, music and costuming. The costume plays a major role in telling the audience who the character is and what they represent in the storyline. Are they a princess or a pauper? A good character or a wicked one? Are they rich or are they poor? We enjoy seeing the flower or the fairy dance on stage. Through the costume, we can tell  who is the “star” of the variation or the principal dancer in that scene.

Aqua Classical Tutu by Monica Newell-London Couture Master
Spellbinding Colour And Perfect Form Makes This Tutu A Real Star. Dance Couture by Costume Creations UK.

Why Are Ballet Costumes So Inspiring For  The Young Adult?

Professional theatre costumes are coveted because they represent something that many girls dream of ; fame, popularity and  recognition for a job well done. Add the extra enchantment of looking like a princess to the above and there you have the reason why so many girls long to wear a real professional tutu on stage. The tutu also represents years of practice and finally “making it” to a more advanced level. The video below shows The Royal Ballet production of The Sleeping Beauty. There is a princess and a handsome prince in this ballet which create the fairy tale magic that all young girls dream about.

The Royal Ballet Dancing Sleeping Beauty In London

And The Winner Of The  London Theatre Costume Design Award Is…….

Because there are many, many miles and a huge ocean that separate me from the design studio of Costume Creations U.K., presenting an award in person for these two fabulous tutus is something that I cannot do right now. However, I can certainly upload my own version of an award right here on Tutu-Love and here it is:

Presented To Costume Creations U.K. For Making Two Of The Most Gorgeous Tutus Ever Seen On This Planet!

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful way you have written about these tutus. Yes I agree with you – the tutu is what draws many of us into this magical profession initially. I am grateful to have learnt so much from Ballet.

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