Tutu Gems Royal Ballet Style-The Jewels Of England

Have you ever gazed upon a collection of rare jewels and wished you could have some of your very own? Some of us love gold whilst others prefer platinum or silver. Almost all of us have a favourite gemstone colour. Now imagine those gemstones as wearable dance garments for the classical performing arts.  If you can picture classical tutus in rich emerald-green, sapphire blue, ruby-red, silver or gold, you can understand why I call them gems.

Royal Ballet Is Another Term For The  History Of Classical Dance

The history of ballet dance is indeed very aristocratic, blue-blooded and courtly. What better way to celebrate the noble traditions of this upper-crust dance style than by creating costumes in jewel-toned shades of fiery carnelian, ice-blue sapphire and elegant gold? Although many modern styles of ballet costumes and choreography have ventured far away from  the courtly French origins of long ago,  it is the classical tutu that is the true representation of ballet’s royal lineage.

Fire Carnelian Tutu  Adds Passion To The Performance

Rare is the chance to see a real couture ballet costume in a fiery, passionate colour as the  carnelian lookalike shown here. If ever a colour sparked excitement and passion, it has to be this one! Just like this tutu, carnelians are not quite red and are not quite orange. They remind one of a deep, dramatic tropical sunset that blends hues of red and orange;  the shades of positive high energy and  optimism.

Ice Blue Sapphire Tutus And Golden Dreams

Many people think that sapphires are gemstones that are deep blue in nature.  Believe it or not, nature makes her own version of an ice-blue sapphire stone that mimics the shade of the gorgeous silvery-blue costume above. This is what creates a beautiful reflective quality under stage lighting. Silver or pale blue ballet costumes with touches of reflective embellishments make some of the world’s loveliest tutu designs. When it comes to all things shiny and pretty, nothing is more eye-catching than polished gold in the sun. Of course, there is one thing prettier; a gold classical tutu by Costume Creations. To enjoy even more tutu-loveliness, visit the new couture gallery here.  Magnificent!

How Does It Feel To  Dance In  Jewels?

Comparing the expert couture handiwork that comes from the talented fingertips of Monica Newell to the Jewels of England is rightfully so. In fine ballet tradition, she manages to capture the grandeur, the pomp and the elegance of classical ballet design. Stately and royal at all times, these tutus are simply gems of exquisite beauty. The shades are stunning. The costumes themselves are jewels. Just like owning a valuable  jewel collection, rare and lucky is the dancer who gets to perform in one of these colourful couture gems. Very, very lucky!

Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame! -William Butler Yeats

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