Top London Theatrical Design Agent Makes Tutu Garden

Bluebells, Lilacs, Peach Blossoms And Roses That Dance

How is it that the shades of nature and ballet costumes can be so lovely as to leave one without words to describe their impact on the senses? You can take one look here at this comparison and simply be moved  to enjoy all that is beautiful in this world. If this is your first time visiting Tutu-Love, stop by and visit anytime you need a positive lift visually and emotionally. You will be inspired by the beauty of the hand-designed costumes by  top London theatrical design agent, Monica Newell and her well-known company, Costume Creations UK.

Comparing Ballet Tutus To Blooming Gardens

In my opinion, dancer’s wearing classical tutus in pastel floral shades are much like flowers in a well-tended garden. They have something in common beyond the colour similarities, however.  Both the garden in bloom and the ballet theatre are visited by those seeking beauty and respite from a not-so-peaceful world.  Stopping to smell the roses is much the same as sitting in a theatre seat watching a performance of a beautiful ballet story. It refreshes our souls. How lovely a comparison!

Another Reason To Explore The Magic Of Theatrical Costuming

I often speak of the “magic” of ballet costumes designed by Costume Creations U.K. . I looked through some of the older posts here on Tutu-Love to see how I have tried to describe it in the past. The good news is that every new tutu design from Costume Creations and every new post is another opportunity for me to continue exploring the mystique of classical tutu construction;  their shapes, silhouettes, colours and embellishments.  The idea below is another concept about costume magic.

The Illusion Of Delicacy-Real For A Flower, Not A Ballerina

Here it is! This is what I have been after in my quest to explain the magic of classical tutus. Tutu skirts remind me of flower petals. Flower petals are very, very delicate. Ballerinas wearing tutus look delicate. The magic comes when people realise how powerful this delicate little flower of a dancer really is. Even the young ballerina has already formed muscle groups that make her stronger than her non-dancer peers.  Unlike flowers that wilt and wither, the highly- trained dancer has incredible stamina; even when she looks as delicate as a bluebell, peach blossom, lilac or rose. Pure magic, is it not?

We can’t pick a bushel of tutus made by a top London theatrical design agent and put them in a vase, but we can stop to smell ( and look) at the photos on Tutu-Love anytime.  May your ballet garden always be in bloom with love and pastel shades of  tutu skirts. 🙂


One comment

  1. Words cannot express my gratifude for the wonderful way you write and describe my Ballet Tutus, I do get my inspriation from Nature Flowers, and Birds in particular – nature thinks up some incredible colour shades and combinations. I hope I can continue to justify these wonderful reviews. My grateful thanks to the writer of Tutu Love.

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