Tutus, Bluebirds And The Love Of Dance

Have you ever seen the vivid hue of a Mountain Bluebird? The colour of this beautiful creature draws wildlife photographers from all over the world. A beautiful shade of classical tutu can do the same thing. The wonder of theatrical costuming is the ability to inspire and stir up the imagination through the use of shapes and colours. Even the most unusual shades can be found somewhere in nature. When I saw the colour of this costume, I thought of the beautiful shade that can be found on one of the worlds most breathtaking birds; the male Bluebird of North America.

Every costume that comes from the classical line of dancewear at  Costume Creations reminds me of something magical, naturally inspiring and even something delicious to eat like spun sugar and  cotton candy. The unique colours and embellishment details of each one are garments that create reactions when you see them for the first time. This must be true or Tutu-Love would not be here.  This is post number 75 and the celebration of tutus, dance and classical ballet is just getting started around here.

Couture Design That Is Enchanting Beyond Measure

Stunning and inspiring colours and patterns of blue on this classical couture tutu made by Monica Newell for Costume Creations U.K.

When I look at the pattern of wing feathers on the bird photo above in mid-flight,  I see a wonderful resemblance in the layering of the tutu skirt netting. Do you see it too? The shape of a classical tutu skirt is undeniable and recognised the world over; however, few will ever come close to the standards of something like this.  That is the reason why I create close-up and cropped images of these costumes. The closer one looks, the more proof there is that Monica Newell is one of the world’s leading theatrical costume makers. Period.

Tutu Skirt Designs That Create The  Wow, I Want One Now Factor

Blue Tutu Skirt designed by Costume Creations UK
Design details of blue tutu skirt by Costume Creations UK

Why do I choose to compare the classical tutu skirt here with a bird in flight? Simply because both force us to stop and admire them for their beauty, colour and perfect lines. Like birds and ballerinas, they remind us of what we wish we could do if only given the chance; flying unfettered with total freedom whilst maintaining an image of serene majesty and grace.

As we continue to be inspired by the colours and designs of these classical costumes, we can experience another “wow” moment imagining the construction of such beauty by hand. Alas. gorgeous tutus do not grow on trees nor sprout magically from the ground. They take a lot of work on the part of the designer.

The Feathers Of A Bluebird  Or A Tutu Skirt?

Nature creates its own perfection of design as far as the bird can fly (pun intended). Without the right spacing between his feathers, the male Mountain Bluebird would not be able to get off the ground. Unlike the perfect spacing of the tulle pleats that are made by the expertise of Monica Newell’s experienced eye, bluebirds simply grow them naturally. The perfection of her pleating technique is amazing when viewed next to the perfection of nature.  Who can describe ballet costume expertise like this? It is beyond words sometimes.

We cannot know for certain if the bluebird has stolen Monica Newell’s pleating secrets. We will keep you posted on the outcome of our investigation. 

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  1. What can I say – what a wonderful description of these blue ballet tutus, yes I was inspired by the bluebird when I made them. Thank you so much to the writer of these reviews.

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