Danseuse Classique En Tutu-La Beauté De La Rose Pour Le Ballet

Are you wondering why this post title is in French? There are two reasons why I decided to add a little French flair to this post. One is the wonderful ability through the WordPress.com platform to see exactly what dancers and ballet students are looking for online that brings them to Tutu-Love and what language terms they use to get here. This information helps me tailor my posts in a way that  the reader may have a question or two answered. The second reason is probably most important. Using French reminds us of the origins of ballet terminology.  It never hurts to brush up on your French if you love ballet.  Today, I noticed someone looking for danseuse classique en tutu.

What Does Danseuse Classique En Tutu Mean?

Pink classical tutu by Costume Creations UK
Rose Foncé Classique Tutu Par Les Costume Creations U.K..

The French words above are the words that were used by a searcher in France looking for an image of a dancer wearing a classical tutu. What better place to see the finest examples of couture ballet costumes than right here?

La Beaute’ De La Rose Pour Le Ballet

This simply means the beauty of pink for ballet. Have you ever wondered why pointe shoes, slippers and tights are traditionally pink in colour? Why is so much of ballet pink? There is a reason for this, but I will have to do more research about the topic. We don’t have to know the history of pink to enjoy the beauty and femininity it brings to a classical tutu. Especially if that tutu was put together by the talented hands of Costume Creations.

Farewell, My Love, Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

No matter what country a dancer comes from, there is a love for the soft colour of pink ballet costumes. Pink has been described as the colour of love. Whoever termed the phrase  felt the impact of this colour in a very emotional way. As a writer and someone who knows little about  couture methods for tutus,  I still appreciate what goes into designing and sewing garments. I sometimes feel a pang for the tutus made by Costume Creations. Whatever do I mean? When I see them in all their finished glory shimmering silently and regally on their dress forms, I have a secret wish for them.  I wish to see them  transported to some protective encasement where they may never get worn out, wrinkled, abused or mistreated. In other words, for their loveliness to live on forever as a thing to be admired from a safe distance. Like a museum treasure.

Of course, this is just a secret wish. Photos will have to do or we would not have many stage performances would we? It  makes one wonder how a costume designer learns to “let go” of her creations and send them out into the world to possible mistreatment after so much labour.  How do they learn this  “parting of the ways” as new designers? Perhaps a post about this topic is needed.

Pink Couture Tutu by Costume Creations U.K.
La Beaute’ De La Rose Tutus Pour Le Ballet Par Les Costume Creations U.K.

It is wonderful to have readers from all around the world. Dance and the love of beautiful costumes knows no boundaries. Although language barriers can make verbal communication difficult, ballet is an art form that transcends barriers. The emotions, movements and the musical variations of classical ballet touch our hearts no matter what language we speak.

“Une rose sous un autre nom sentirait aussi bon”.  “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.-William Shakespeare-

Le rose est la couleur de l’amour…..Pink is the colour of love

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  1. I love what you have written – Roses, Pink, Tutus, French Language – it epitomizes everything we love about ballet. Yes I do feel my heart strings pull every time a costume leaves. I give instructions like a mother leaving her child at daycare!!! – and I love it when a costume comes “home” for alterations etc. I know it sounds silly but I think many artists are like this. I think one has to care to make a good job.

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