Elegant Dance Couture Costumes Europe

Silver tutu designed by Monica Newell of Costume Creations UK
The Elegance Of Silver Couture Dancewear by Costume Creations U.K.

Elegant dance couture costumes are the epitome of good taste and should be the first choice when it comes to creating the proper presentation on stage. Being a dancer in Europe who aspires to have a professional career in the theatre makes it  crucial to choose the right dance couture company.

Students and pre-professional level ballerinas use private couture specialists for their costume requirements. Choose carefully and wisely. Although it is more  convenient to have a  bespoke designer in your area, it pays to travel  to one that has years of experience in theatrical costuming for different venues and age groups.

Choosing Elegant Dance Couture In Europe

How does a dancer choose the right couture company? Because the dance world is a specialty field in general, students find recommendations through several sources. One source is the dance studio itself. Recital and competition costume makers may be listed on a company bulletin board or newsletter.

Another way is through word of mouth recommendations by former customers of a particular designer. Remember, experienced dance couture makers are becoming harder and harder to find. Handcrafting experts that make exceptionally beautiful dance garments usually have a long line of waiting customers. Choosing a couture expert can be as simple as a photograph. Pictures don’t lie. Look at their portfolio. The Internet has made it easier for any dancer to see examples of fine couture dancewear. If you are located in Europe, comb through the photos here on Tutu-Love and send your inquiries through the contact email provided on the about page.

Silver  Couture Ballet Tutus Are Not Created In A Day

Some colours and fabric choices that are used to create dance couture are so clean of line and form that they can only be described as simply elegant. Tastefully made garments have everything to do with the impression that audience members get when they see a dancer on stage. In ballet, the tiniest details of garment construction are either enhancing the look of the dancer and her movements or are lessening the effect and presentation. That is why the majority of us who love tutus will never become couture experts; it takes the skill of a surgeon, patience of a saint, eye of an artist and a huge amount of delayed gratification on the part of both the maker and dancer. It takes a special kind of person who can deal with the “picky” perfectionisms of ballet and not grow weary.

The Cool Charm Of Silver Materials For Ballet Tutus

Silver is the colour of riches and security. It can be described as a romantic, yet powerful shade. It is also considered a cool colour versus gold which is considered a warm shade. When costuming is made using reflective materials in this shade, the fabric has an incandescence that is beautiful on stage. The cool silver effect creates an untouchable atmosphere around the dancer who wears it. What do I mean by that? Untouchable as in set apart as something ornately valuable. Just like real silver is a precious metal, so are the elegant dance couture costumes from Costume Creations. Especially this silver tutu beauty. Gorgeous!


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