Tutus For Girls-Shade Variations That Inspire


Tutus for girls ballet performances that are shaded or embellished are highly sought after; both online and in person. People that are just ballet observers rarely delve into the secrets of these techniques. All they know is that classical tutus are pretty to look at. However, there are two people who are very discriminating about the look of the ballet tutu. The dancer who will perform in it and the designer who makes it, decorates it and fits it to the dancer’s body.

Shades Variation; Not Just A Ballet, But A Tutu-Decorating Technique

Tutu for girls by Costume Creations UK
Shades Variation Tutu Skirt by Costume Creations U.K.

Colour Combinations, Shading And Blending

What colour do you see when you look at this tutu? Some of you may find that it looks turquoise-blue. Other people might call this colour aqua-green. It is a striking and very unique shade, no doubt. When I look at this shade, I see a creamy quality or soft milkiness. By that I mean  the colour reminds me of  a blue/green pigment that has been calmed and subdued by adding white. No matter what the name of the actual shade, it is the variation of tones that personally remind me of one of the most spectacular places in the world; Niagra Falls.

Two Natural Wonders-A Gorgeous Tutu And A Waterfall

Airbrushed Tutu for girls by Costume Creations UK
Shaded Tutu Designed by Costume Creations U.K.
Niagra Falls, Canada. Designed by nature.

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I adore seeing the next tutu design coming out of the studios of Costume Creations and  presenting itself to the world.

Every single one of them is completely unique and reminds me of something. It could be a gemstone. Maybe a flower. It could be a character or a certain place.

Yes, the tutus speak to me as forms of art. Didn’t you know that tutus speak to us? They certainly speak to our emotions and imaginations. This particular tutu shade combination  made me think about the colour of the icy-cold water that flows majestically over the world-famous Niagra Falls. I visited this stunning place decades ago, but will never forget the unusual shade of the water.

You need to look inside the foaming whitewater to see the unusual tint of aqua-blue/green that makes Niagra Falls so mesmerising to look at. What does this tutu colour  variation say to you?

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions”.  Pablo Picasso-


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  1. Wow – what a wonderful review – thank you. I love the comparison to Niagara Falls – what a compliment! I am always inspired by nature in my designs because nature gets amazing colours and shades.

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