Why Do Tutu Skirts Bunch Up?

As any blogger using WordPress will tell you, there is unique insight into the types of information that people are searching for online. Knowing what kind of information dancers and young ballet students are looking for goes a long way when choosing a topic for the next post.

Ballet Students Have A Lot Of Questions

Ballet students normally have lots of questions. They have questions about choosing and fitting pointe shoes. Some of them are simply curious to find out what the typical ballerina wears under her costume on stage. Some want to know how to create a proper ballet bun for class. Many have concerns about their costumes and the way they are supposed to fit and behave. This is especially true of the tutu skirt.  Some tutu skirts “bunch up” on the dancer.

Why Does My Tutu Skirt Bunch Up?

What does it mean when someone says their tutu skirt is bunching up? Many complaints can be found online about tulle crunching up and gathering when the dancer sits down. As the dancer stands back up, her tulle stays wrinkled and gathered.It makes you wonder how a dancer is able to sit at all, doesn’t it?  The following are some of the reasons why a tutu skirt may have problems with bunching.

  • Faulty Construction Methods
  • Improper Care And Storage
  • Tacking Mistakes
  • Low Quality Tulle Material

It appears that many home sewers try their hand at making tutu skirts not realizing just how stiff a traditional tutu really is. The netting is firm and crisp, not soft and floppy. Some even try hanging them upside down and spraying the fabric with starch. It looks like the quality of the tulle is extremely important. Cheap, thin tulle does not have the right degree of firmness.

A Word From Costume Creations About Bunching Tutus:

” I would say the main problem would be if the pant was too small  and the tutu maker was not getting the measurements correct making the whole tutu too short in the body. The cheap ready-made tutus nearly always bunch up. The pant and skirt have to be fitted exactly to sit nicely on the hips and bottom. Every shape is different and too many assume everyone is the same shape. The maker needs to look very carefully not only at the measurements but also the dancers posture and stance. This will affect very much how the tutu sits. A good tutu fitter would see all this the minute the dancer walked in the room. That is why I would say a tutu maker should have a lot of experience in dance not just sewing.

  • Improper storage can wreck a tutu; particularly the ends. Not many people have the extra space. I give my customers very detailed care instructions ; keep flat – keep covered – keep high– keep away from young children and pets.

  • Tacking too tightly could cause ugly bunching up – tacking is very time consuming to do right. I find I  have spent days meticulously making the tutu, then have to spend half a day just tacking. You are not seeing the rewards from this the same, but you know if you don’t do it right the tutu will be a disaster on stage.”-Monica Newell/ Costume Creations U.K.-

Snow White Ballet Tutu by Costume Creation UK
No Bunching...Just Beauty

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