4 comments on “Ballet Tutu Designers-Are There Enough To Go Around?

  1. Thank you for your appreciation of this very complex art form. Ballet tutus are an integral part of the ballet and the choreography – the fit and line and look of the tutu is essential to the look of the ballerina. It requires a lot of patience and “love of ballet” to make a tutu as one tutu can take about 2 weeks to make.

  2. This video gives a very interesting view of the wardrobe and the work involved. Not many realise how much goes on behind the scenes of the ballet.

  3. I found it interesting that they have to book tutu designers so far in advance. Without them, ballet performances wouldn’t be what they are today.

    Off the rack factory garments just don’t seem to work well for classical ballet. I wonder what the backstage costuming needs of big theatres will be in the year 2050???

  4. Thank you !!!!!!! It was such a pleasure to read your remarks about the art of building a professional tutu. As a tutu designer and maker I hear all the time about the “cost” and the lack of $$$ for dancers when parents will pay whatever it cost for a child to play a sport……I do not know what has happened to people who teach dance, own studios, and put on shows thaqt are sub par. The cheap costumes tell an audience just what someone thinks of their art. A beautiful costume on the right dancer for the right part is like a pure note of music.

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