The Joy Of Dance Classical Style

Classical Tutu by Costume Creations U.K.
Professional Performance Tutu Designed By Costume Creations UK

Could Anything Be More Expressive Than A Dancer’s Movements?

What is joy when it comes to the art of dance? Some ballet dancers find it in the rigors and discipline of daily practice. Some find incredible joy partaking of theatre life and the energy of live audiences. Some dancers feed off the adrenaline of a possible disaster on stage like slipping or forgetting a step. One thing that almost any dancer will tell you is that ballet brings joy through expression.

Finding Joy Through The Performing Arts

How do ballerinas keep going? Many wonder how they stay devoted to walking such a challenging path. The painful muscles, sore limbs and blistered toes are par for the course in ballet training. There is extreme pressure and competition among dancers. Professional ballet academies can heap mountains of strict physical demands that the average person could never attempt. That is just it. The dancer is not average, but extraordinary.

For them, joy comes from achieving greatness through pain. Joy comes from reaching the mountain top after a long, hard climb and several slips backwards. Joy comes through discovering their own strength and resilience.

Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

Not only does dance speak to us through the movements performed on stage, it speaks volumes through photographs. The still photograph of a ballet dancer can be mesmerising. Why? Look at this photo and see what is being expressed without words. Joy.


One comment

  1. How interesting that you chose the picture of this dancer, she is such a beautiful performer and always shows exactly what you describe “the joy of dance”. When I fell in love with ballet – age 5 – it was just everything the art, the tutus – of course, the music , the escapism, the beauty and the enjoyment of striving for perfection.

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