White Ballerina Tutus For Girls-Sparkling In London’s Dance Theatres

Are you in search of pure white ballerina tutus made with precision and care? Real costumes for professional performances in and around London should be chosen with care; especially if a ballet dancer wants to look her captivating, magical best.

Some of the most beautiful costumes that inspire the imagination of  ballet students, parents, instructors and theatre audiences in and around the London area are those of the pure white loveliness  that capture the design genius of Costume Creations U.K.

Tutu designed by London costume maker Monica Newell
Are you dreaming yet?

White Ballerina Tutus Are Pristine And Beautiful

There is so much of the theatrical in bright ballet costuming colours that getting back to shades of pure white can be a feast for the eyes. The effect is one of  innocence and pristine beauty. Just like some clothing designs become immortal because they are so classic in style, so is the choice of pure white for a ballerina tutu. Having them tailor-made just for you is a must for any London-based ballet dancer searching for a perfect fit.

White Ballerina Tutu by Costume Creations UK
Captivating Tutu Style

Sparkling Snow Scenes And Ice Queens That Shimmer

Cool...sparkling....mysterious land of snowWhen you see a lovely costume in white that shines and shimmers on stage doesn’t it conjure up images of snow crystals on a bright, sunny day? The way sunlight plays upon the snow makes them appear like diamonds all over the ground.

Just like those tiny crystals of snow reflect back the suns rays  and all of their surroundings, white tutus also shine under the stage lights the very same way.

Dance Theatres In London Are Aglow With Pure White Ballet Costumes

Some of the worlds most beloved ballet stories use white costumes to create the right drama onstage. Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake are just two of the many wonderful ballets that become so unforgettable through the visual impact of white costuming contrasted with a darkened theatre. I say, let the show (and the sparkle) go on!

I wanted so badly to study ballet, but it was really all about wearing the tutu” -Elle Macpherson-


  1. Gosh – thank you for this lovely review. The Vaganova Academy have their uniform white for the new ones to symbolize the purity of the white snow of St. Petersburg. Love the ballet the Snow Queen, and can certainly relate to what Elle Macpherson said about Tutus! How do you find so much information.

  2. I guess the info comes from bits and pieces gathered during research. Some are more bits than pieces 🙂

    What a wonderful idea about symbolizing the purity of St. Petersburg snow. Nature and imagination is one of the most wonderful things about ballet costuming.

    Yes, Elle Macpherson probably joins a lot of people who wish they could just try a tutu on….if it could fit over their hips !

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