Short, Long Or Ultra-Modern Ballet Costumes? You Tell Us

Do you think tutus are terrific? I imagine that every reader who visits this site loves them too. The challenge? Picking a favorite style of ballet costume from the different designs seen on stage. As for me, no sooner do I decide that the short tutu version is my favorite, than an image of the lovely Alessandra Ferri dancing in a long, flowing dress in Romeo And Juliet comes to mind.

Traditional Tulle Or Space Age Design?

What about you? Each one of us imagines the ideal look of the perfect ballet costume.Maybe your ideal hasn’t even been invented yet. Some of us love new and innovative materials for dance costumes. Ballet tutus with lights attached, made of rubber or that glow in the dark are just trendy and hip to those who embrace the new and different.

Some of us can’t hear the word ballerina without visions of Sugar Plum fairies in short, lilac-coloured tutu skirts. I have to admit that hearing the words Sugar Plum Fairy  makes me conjure up images of a dancer en pointe in pale lavender shoes.

Many of us are simply in love with the romantic beauty and elegance of long tulle skirts. What is your ideal vision of the prettiest costume style for ballet?


  1. My favourite is the traditional Classical Tutu – especially those worn by the Bolshoi and Maryinsky companies. They always get the skirt just right with just enough lightness and movement. They are so beautifully cut underneath and all the frills just sit right. Their bodices are perfectly fitted too, and the decoration is always so perfect for the ballet. This is what I aspire too!

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