Tutu De Colores

Ballet Or Circus Act?

How many colours can one tutu skirt have before it turns from a classical ballet costume into a circus outfit? Many classical tutus come in slight shade variations that don’t normally combine more than 3 or 4 shades at a time. Very rarely does one see tutu skirts shaded multiple rainbow-bright colours that scream for attention.

Rainbow Coloured Tulle

Imagine one with bright stripes of fire-engine red, neon yellow, lime green and hot purple tulle. Would you think ballet performance or would you picture a whimsical, fun musical or circus act? I wasn’t sure about this, so I decided to search around online for tutu skirts in rainbow shades.

Not tutus in various shades, but one skirt of  rainbow colours that looked like a professional-grade ballet costume. I was surprised to find nothing that looked professional. Or classical. Not one. There may be some out there, but I couldn’t find any during my search.

Are Rainbow Coloured Tutu Skirts Still Classical?

It appears that even colour choices and amounts are controlled and exacting when creating classical tutu designs.  Of course, many tutu skirts are shaded in beautiful variations of colours. It may be the simple (but classical) way of designing the garment so it is tastefully done, not garish or clownish, that makes it classical-ballet- worthy.  There is a lot to think about in the ballet costume design world, don’t you agree?

What Does Tutu De Colores Mean?

By now, you might be wondering what tutu de colores means. It is Spanish for tutus of or with colours. This blog now receives visitors from all over the world. We have had an increase of Spanish-speaking dancers searching for ballet costume information.  It appears that the search for beautiful ballet costumes is a global one.

When it comes to beautiful colours on a classical tutu skirt, look at this airbrushed design below. Tasteful elegance, yet balanced with eye-pleasing airbrushed colour. It is a lovely example of a tutu de colores made with classical elegance and style. Muy bonita!

Tutu de colores de Costume Creations U.K.
Tutu De Colores de Costume Creations U.K.


  1. This is very interesting. The correct shading and colour is essential to making ballet look classical. The Maryinsky and the Bolshoi do this so well – I aspire to be as good as them.

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