Children’s Dancewear U.K.-Les Enfants Magnifique

Baby Blue Ballerina Costume
Children’s Dancewear by Costume Creations U.K.

Children in professional ballet costumes have a magic all their own, don’t you think? They are a wonderful reminder of how  training for success in the performing arts  begins at such a young age. Learning to move gracefully and with ease in a classical tutu  takes time and practice. Starting early can ensure that a young student will have complete confidence on stage. The ballet costume pictured here is a graceful and lovely rendition of the best in children’s dancewear in the U.K. area.

A Dancer In The Making Is Called By Many Names

Nobody starts out as a principal dancer from day one. Any reputable school classifies beginner students and classes a certain way. The levels of training and the type of class that students attend are called by different names according to the country and the type of ballet  method taught.

The French origins of ballet terms had me thinking about terms for young dancers. Whenever I see a new bespoke tutu for children made by Costume Creations, I think about the long, long journey this little one will have to make in order to get to the professional level. One thing is certain; she will look absolutely beautiful doing it.

An Endearing French Term For The Youngest Dancers

In France, the birthplace of traditional ballet, the different stages of a dancer’s career are marked with milestones and with very French names not unlike the ballet steps themselves. Every time a ballet student learns a new step, it will be a French word that describes the movement. Not only are ballet steps in French, they have an endearing name for their young hopefuls; les enfants de danse classique. In English, this translates to the infants or children of classical dance.

Being called an infant of dance is not an insult. It simply means as a child has to grow and learn, so too does the ballet student.

Today’s Enfant Is The Prima Ballerina Of The Future

Why are these little dancers so endearing to us? Besides being so cute, they represent the future of performing arts. They are important because it is they who will carry on the wonderful traditions of ballet dance in the world.

I see the potential of a young ballet hopeful as akin to the power of an acorn. The ballet enfant can be compared to a tiny seed that will grow into a mighty and majestic thing with the proper nourishment.

Not only do these young hopefuls need to receive nourishment in the form of professional instruction from the outside; they grow into dance masters from what they already have inside themselves. A dream. Dedication. Sacrifice. Determination. Drive. Ambition.

It is no wonder we admire les enfants de danse classique all over the world. They are absolutely magnifique.



  1. I love this post – you have conveyed the magic involved in nurturing a Baby Ballerina!!! I loved the beautiful review and video of the Paris Opera School. Wasnt it nice that they had a Grand Piano in the studios. How inspiring to be surrounded by so much art and beauty in every aspect.

  2. Thank you 🙂

    I find it just as interesting to watch students in the classroom as I do a real performance by the famous dancers on stage.

    I love seeing videos that show the behind-the scenes reality of ballet training. Yes, the grand piano was gorgeous!

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