What Do People Want To Know About Tutus?

One of the most interesting things about blogging on a particular subject is being able to see what people are searching for online. There are many different types of information that people are seeking about ballet costumes that leads them to this blog. Some just want to look at beautiful images of classical tutus. Others are seriously hunting for a costume designer or a special character costume maker in their area. Here are the top 2 things that people seem to want to know about tutus:

  1. How To Make A Tutu- From the look of things, many people appear to be searching for some type of instruction on how to make a real tutu skirt. Because the design and construction of a professional-grade classical tutu entails much more than working with a pattern, they will probably end up with a costume that appears very “homemade”.
  2. Ballerina Costume Patterns– Yes, it seems that many folks are on the hunt for “ballerina” costume patterns these days. A ballerina costume is typically a play costume for events that are less exacting than a real ballet performance.

Other searches for tutu information consist of price inquiries and anything interesting to learn about the history of ballet costumes. Ballet is simply a fascinating subject. People have always been interested in learning more about the beautiful classical ballet tutu and curious about the construction methods when making one. This includes me. I must conclude that many home sewers will be shocked and dismayed at the reality of making a real tutu at home and the amount of time it will take to wrestle with yards of stubborn tulle.

It may be easier to enjoy looking at the finished tutus by Costume Creations U.K.  here at Tutu-Love and leaving those yards of stubborn tulle to the professionals.



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