Classical Tutu Style In Creamy Colours

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The Colour Of Cream Creates Elegant Tutu Style

Unlike the stark purity of a solid white ballet costume, the colour of soft, creamy ivory gives the costume a different feel. Instead of brightness, cream-coloured fabrics  have an “old world” feel to them. This colour choice is one of the most flattering  on any skin tone and is the reason why many brides choose to wear an off white gown instead.

Ballet Performance And Romantic Colour Choices

The softness of creamy ivory is perfect for classical ballet. Especially for dancing romantic roles on stage. This colour mimics the way very old, yet highly valuable vintage materials would become darker with age. It reminds one of precious family heirlooms that have been lovingly stored away for future generations.

Looking at this beautiful tutu I am reminded of gorgeous antique lace and all the finery contained in the wardrobes of past nobility. This love of fine fabrics grew from nobility to those who entertained them on stage; the ballet dancer.  The classical ballet world is one of the most beautiful ways to display soft,  romantic fabric colours like the tutu shown here. Nobody does it better than Costume Creations U.K.


Some people weave burlap into the fabric of our lives, and some weave gold thread. Both contribute to make the whole picture beautiful and unique.” -Author Unknown




    • There are some beautiful quotations that can be found online about so many topics. This one popped up under “quotes about fabric”.

      Some of the lovliest and most realistic quotes involve the theatre, dance arts and being a dance student or teacher.

      Thank goodness there are folks who record these things for all of us to enjoy:)

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